To upload a photo To Facebook, go to your page and place the cursor in the "What's new with you?", which is the "Wall". Click "Attach" and select the context menu item "Photo".
Now click on the "Select files", then open the folder on your computer where you stored your pictures and select a photo to upload. Once the photo has loaded, click the "Submit" button below the image to appear on your page.
To upload photos to your page in the "Classmates", place the cursor in a status update and click "Photos". Select the desired image files on the hard drive of your computer.
After the appearance of miniature pictures on the screen, click the "Share with friends". Photos will be posted and your friends will be able to see it in the news.
The social network "My World" adding photos to your page derives from the same menu status updates. Click on the "Photo", specify the path to the image file on your computer, and after downloading place the image with the button "to Say".
Uploading pictures to Facebook works on the same principle. In the line status updates, you must click "Add photo", then select it from the folder on the hard disk or flash drive and click "Publish".
In the case when you need not just to post photos on his page, and create a photo album, proceed as follows. In any of the social networks section, select "Photos" or "Photos") and click "Create album" ("Add pictures" or "Create"), add your pictures by selecting them from the folder on the computer.