Go to your profile. In the left menu, select "Photo". Opens a page that shows the latest uploaded photos and all the photo albums you've ever created. Each photo album is given an explanation of the numbers placed in this photo and the number of comments to them.
Upload photos, use the "Add photo". The social network My world there is the ability to add pictures from the Internet or from a web camera and a personal photo archive stored on the hard drive of your computer. In the corresponding field, select the name of the photo album in which you upload photos. You can add one or several photos at once using the bulk upload. Remember that the site rules are not allowed photos with pornographic content and image advertising.
Open the photo album to which you uploaded the photos. Under one picture it says "Main photo". This is the picture that other users see on your home page. Under other images is the inscription "Make primary". Click it and the selected photo will be displayed on your home page.
You can replace the main photo in a different way. To do this, use the "set primary photo" located to the right of your current photos. Click "Browse" and select a photo on your computer. Tick the "make primary" and continue downloading by pressing "add". New main photo will appear immediately after the download is completed.
You have the ability to customize the main photo, cutting it directly on the site. Also if you want you can use the paid services of the social network and to decorate photo graphic effects.