The first and not the worst idea that may come to mind if you have trouble connecting to the Internet thorough scan the system for viruses. Often quite innocuous in appearance I've found that even award-winning programs are the first time to "feel", zlovrednaya recklessly, disabling not only the network, but other important system components. Output – check the computer time and how different programs. If a virus, or rather, lack thereof, it's all right, you should check the network card. It is likely that it just conflicts with other system devices, so much so that even when updating its configuration in the situation does not change. In this case, you will have to fork out to buy new, after consulting first with the experts.Not stopping to check the power supply, and motherboard. It is possible that they simply "do not pull" all "hardware" that greedy high technology the user is equipped with a system unit. In such situation remains only or to change all at once (in other words, almost buying a new computer) or get rid of the frills. For example, from the newest video cards need except for the design of a skyscraper in real-time, couple gigabytes of RAM or at least one drive. Another cause of failures in the network, overheating of the processor. You can cover up the cooler system unit inside and out, but it will not fix the situation, if the computer diagnostics were not carried out, as they say, from the moment of its Foundation. So to restore the smooth operation of the network is sometimes enough to clean everything to clean and blow out all that is blown. Well, if this does not work, then you have to think seriously about replacing the processor, drooping from working at too high speeds.Not the most effective, but also quite a valid option – reinstalling the operating system. If you install the latest version of the Internet worked like a clock, it makes sense to rollback all changes and revert to the old OS that is not essential for many modern software. However, this can cause difficulties for owners of laptops, where the OS is installed already at the factory, for the long haul. Calling tech support provider and search the notorious gap, if it ever was, it is almost hopeless, although the taste still stands, if nothing helps. It is possible that there was indeed some problem on the line (which, of course, none of the officers particularly will not apply), which will soon be eliminated.