All operators can motivate connection and good intentions, namely, the care costs of clients, as indicated in the contract, which, as usual, nobody reads. So, to protect against accidental calls, often occurs when the keyboard is not locked, has firmly put a limit on a single connection: from 30 minutes to an hour. So if you discuss weather with your friend or girlfriend the thirtieth or sixtieth minute, get ready because you are about to disconnect, and discussion about "intermittent rains" have the time to interrupt.The relationship can end and at a more prosaic reason: you have the balance ran out of money. So if you interrupted the conversation had a certain value, replenish mobile account, and the connection is immediately restored. The connection type can also be important during a telephone conversation. For example, some cell phones are outdated and not very models can respond only to GSM and, as they say. "not stand", 3G. So dig into the settings of your mobile device and tick the "GSM Only". Or reflash it, which, however, does not guarantee a good job in the future. If you don't like your phone constantly drop it, spill coffee on it, and in the winter store not far from heating devices, the communication gap can prove to be a quite natural phenomenon. To help you in this case will only service or communication salon where you can purchase another mobile of the sufferer.However, the district, the location of the house, the presence of nearby powerful third-party transmitters and receivers, of course, also can affect call quality. If buying a phone with a more powerful antenna you can afford, with constant disconnections will have to accept as long as you will not be able to purchase a new cellphone.