When you reset the connection, note the periodicity of the problem – if this occurs after approximately the same amount of time, most likely due to viruses or anti-virus software. Anyway, pre-contact technical support and verify that the problem of the connection reset is not connected with the peculiarities of their work.If you have installed an antivirus system, especially if she has a scanner, you can try to shut it down and reconnect. Protection program security of computer sometimes independently complete the connection to the data exchange process to infect the system. Of course, is quite undesirable to perform the work in a network with a switched off antivirus, so change the settings or install any other scanner on the network who would not have completed the Internet connection.If you have previously on your computer was not installed antivirus program is mandatory to perform a full scan of your computer including memory and boot sector using antivirus with updated databases. Also check that you installed in your PC program for malware. In particular, this refers to free (free) programs, because most of them open source. Download the browser only from the official websites of manufacturers. The same applies to the add-ons installed to extend their functionality – of different Downloader, programs for storage of keys, plugins, players and other. If possible, it is best not to install them on your computer.Download from the official website of your provider a special tool that performs automatic configuration of Internet settings on your computer - in this case you will avoid errors when creating the connection.