MegaFon-the modem frequently disconnects itself without any action from the user. Why is this happening? The reasons can be several. The modem has an impact, above all, a busy line. The modem works as a regular audio device, such as a cell phone. If the network is congested, then call you. The same applies to the modem. When the Internet leaves many users at the same time, the Megaphone-the modem is turned off. As practice shows, often the modem disconnects when a large number of connected users in one locality.The second reason for the disconnect may be in low level received at the modem signal. That is, the location of the modem signal is detected by the bad, MegaFon-modem, it can not "find" and as a result terminates. The function of the software of the modem may be influenced antivirus software, which sometimes sees the modem as a malicious program.Another reason for disabling MegaFonmodem can be viruses that infected your PC. Therefore, periodically check your personal computer for viruses. Such programs are mainly through the Internet.MegaFon-the modem may be switched off if not found the device drivers that are automatically installed when you first connect the modem to the computer. When the drivers are installed, the modem will start to work. If you correct the above reasons off the Megaphone-modem, then nothing will prevent you to surf the Internet and access to all necessary information. It is also worth noting that the description of such errors contained in the background information to the modem.