Note: if you don't know how to contact a firm that provides Internet access (the ISP), the chances to solve the problem is much smaller, and can immediately proceed to step 3.

Situations when the Internet is gone for no apparent reason, occur infrequently. First, make sure that the provider You have everything in order, ie no debt for the Internet, as well as Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance by the provider. It is recommended to check the official website provider - often they can get even with zero balance. If the site works, then the problem is in payment or the provider being any work - respecting provider will definitely report this on the website. Call the provider and specify all the information about the payment. A fairly common situation when the user is sure that the funds on the account, but they are out there. Also ask your ISP to check the visibility of your visibility.
If the provider does not see you - try to switch the wire from the router (if included) directly to the computer. If even after that the provider still cannot see your MAC address, it is most likely the problem is in the wire AFTER the router, or RJ-45 connector. In this case, a continuity test of wire and crimped a new wire, it is recommended to talk with the provider about this issue.
In the case that the ISP sees ONLY your computer is most likely the problem is in the router. Try to reset the router to factory settings use the manual for operation. If the reset did not solve the problem - most likely the router is faulty, try to replace.
If the balance is right, your ISP sees your MAC address and no maintenance on his part no - go to next step.
Now check for the local network. To do this, press Win+R on your computer, type the word "ping" and then the address of your nearest on the route of the device. Most often it is the router: if the wire from computer goes to it, then you need to write his address. The most common one is or
If the packets do not go (i.e. no lines appear at intervals of about 1 sec) - check your router, check the condition of the cable and reliability of its connections to the ports on the computer and the router. If everything is in order, but the packets still don't go restart the router. If the packets have successfully delivered to the device, then everything should be fine, Internet was gone because of this.
If not - look on the back of your system unit, most often in the place where is inserted the Internet cable, there is a green lamp. Will not burn or blinks - problem in the network card or its drivers. Try to reinstall the drivers and check its external condition - it could easily burn.
If the light stays on, but the packets still don't go, or packets are normally transmitted to the device, but no Internet, most likely the problem is in the software settings of your computer.
Open the control center network and sharing, locate your active connection, then click properties, then Protocol TCP version 4. The standard and most common integration scheme (ISP - router - computer), the router often he gives out all the right ' for normal operation through DHCP. If it is written some settings in the fields - just in case, write them down, and then select automatic IP settings, and in the fields of the DNS write and This servers Google. They are reliable and always work.
If you absolutely can not imagine the scheme of work antivirus utilities, architecture of the organization network configuration and operation principles of operating systems - refer to a specialist, because subsequent actions without proper knowledge to perform not recommended.

When all else fails and still no Internet - it may be a consequence of the activity of viruses. For starters, you can try to restore the system settings. For this you will need the AVZ, have to download it on another device that has Internet access (preferably from the official site he is often first in search). When will the archive, it is simple enough to unpack, since the program does not require installation, and run the program avz.exe. After click on "File" in the menu bar, then "system Restore".
Mark these on the image items, and then click "Run checked" operation. Then check Internet access.
If You did everything carefully, but still nothing helps - it is recommended to call a specialist, because problem may be in the registry of the operating system and the firmware of the router. At least You can tell the master everything that has already been tried.