Advice 1: Why off the phone

For the modern man mobile phone included in the category of necessities. Calls, SMS, Internet, and even remittances – all depends on the work of the little plastic boxes with electronics. However, this thing is sometimes spontaneous and very out of place, disconnected.
Why off the phone
The most common cause of spontaneous disconnection of the phoneand is the fault of the battery or a bad connection between the battery contacts and the phone. This fault may be due to purchasing the initially defective goods, whether it's the phone or the battery, or the arrival of the deteriorating item for the reason of clogging of the contacts. You should in this case try to put another battery in the phone and test it for performance.Mechanical damage of the PCB – the second most common cause of disconnection of telephone. This can occur due to frequent crashes of the device. You can check the relevance of this reason, trying to bend the phone. It disable in this case means that you get the point.Sometimes a disconnection may occur due to failure of the software (firmware). For phones popular brands it is rare, however, the models imported from China, this fault is very common. Try to reset all data in phoneand factory settings and format memory and memory card. If this does not help, install the new firmware.Another reason might be hidden in corrosion of the mechanical parts of the phone. This fault often is the stay apparatus in the water (drop into water or pouring water). If this happens, the phone eventually just stop working.Also because of falling into the water may form oxidation on the contacts of the SIM card. In this case, clean them using alcohol.A significant reason it shut down the phoneand may be a fault with the power button. In this case you need to replace it.Sometimes the phone shuts off during a hard frost. In this case, it is sufficient for some time to hold the apparatus in a warm room, then turn on.

Advice 2: Why the phone turns off on its own

A mobile phone can, under certain circumstances to spontaneously shut down or reboot. The reasons of such behavior of the device may be different, both hardware and software.
Why the phone turns off on its own
The most common cause of spontaneous switching your phone off insufficient battery power. As a rule, before otkluchitsa for this reason, the device displays a warning, sometimes even several times. If you typed or edited text at the first such warning as quickly as possible, save it, and continue to edit until later when camera is charged. Coming home will start charging your phone immediately.
If the phone shows a substantial battery, and then still suddenly shuts down or restarts repeatedly, the cause may be the increased internal resistance of the battery. Increased it from wear and tear. Change a battery, and the old bring in special point of reception. The following items are some of the Hoo, Disinformation, and mobile phone stores. In the last over put the battery sometimes predostavlyayut a discount on a new.
Sometimes the phone suddenly restarts when the key is pressed. The reason this may be naruseviciene soldering of components that has revealed itself during the deformation of the Board. Independently this problem fix only if you know how to soldering SMD-components, otherwise refer to the master.
Cause spontaneous shutdown or reboot of the phone may be low on memory. The phone, unlike a computer, there is no swap partition (swap). When it is running multiple apps (or even one, but resource-intensive), it may be accompanied by either emergency shutdown or restart. To avoid this, do not run multiple apps, or replace them with less resource-intensive.
Turn off the phone in the fall is simple: the battery terminals for a moment away from the spring contacts. If this will not go to battery, and the SIM card, the phone will lose the network. To avoid such situations, do not drop the camera.

Advice 3: Why is switched off mobile phone

Mobile phone is available in almost everyone. And for someone is not a luxury, but simply a means of communication with family and friends. But there are times when the cell phone fails, for example myself off. Why is this happening and how to solve the problem off mobile phone?
Why is switched off mobile phone

Reasons off the phone

Reasons why phone fails, quite a lot. One of them is a manufacturing defect. When you buy the phone, pay attention to its performance. If the keys or screen touch phone it slows down, it should abandon such a purchase. Maybe after some time it will start off.

Another common reason for the off is a bad connection of the contacts between phone and battery. In this case the phone needs a new battery or contact the service center.

The phone may be switched off due to software failure. It happens quite rarely. In this case, will only service center. Experts will replace the existing software on your phone.

Careless handling may cause its sudden shutdown. For example, the unit often fell over or was in a too humid environment. Many people like to lie in the tub, talking or playing in various applications. PCB cell phone is gradually oxidized and closes. It is a constant of spontaneous deactivation. Check the printed circuit on the fault may own. Squeeze the phone in your hand, if it starts to hang or shuts down, the matter is in it.

Got the battery. Well, here everything is clear, the phone just needs to be charged. Sometimes there are cases when "dying" battery. To save her you should connect the phone to the network for 24 hours. Then the phone should work.

Down came the transmitter. Maybe the phone was damaged by a power amplifier. This fault leads to a large consumption of energy, and it just shuts down, unable to withstand the overload.

Check the power button phone for serviceability. Maybe the button is just a fuse and the unit shuts down. It can be replaced at the service center.

There are cases when phone turns off while talking, and if talking on the headset, the phone works fine. This may indicate that a damaged earpiece Flex.

Off the phone because of a problem with the MiniUSB connector. This cell charges the battery only when switched off and after charging for a long time can not be included.

When you replace the battery in the phone to your new one, problems with the cell phone.

How to fix the situation

For that, you should contact the contact centre. Experts will help to understand the cause of failure and eliminate it. If the phone is under warranty, the repair will make you free. But if damage occurred due to your fault, be prepared to pay for services provided to you.
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