Advice 1: Why Wi-FI works intermittently

Wi-Fi wireless Internet is distributed from a device called a router. Disruption of signal propagation of the Internet is associated with several problems, to resolve which can be in most cases on their own.
Why Wi-FI works intermittently
Wi-Fi can be erratic due to the fact that nearby items that interfere with the signal normally distributed. For example, microwave or refrigerator too close to the router. Waves that they propagate interrupt signal. The solution is simple: move the router to another place.
Perhaps the problem is due to the close proximity of metal structures. For example, the house is too close to the railway station or tracks. These designs prevent proper signal transmission. Moreover, they distort it. To solve this issue is to find the house a stable and nepremenova the point where you can put the router. Check empirically until, until you find the right place.
If two neighboring routers use the same frequency, they will kill each other. For example, you and your neighbor behind the wall of the device tuned to the same frequency. During simultaneous use of the device can interrupt each other. The signal is weak and changeable as you and the person behind the wall. To fix this, parentrow your device to another frequency if it is provided by the manufacturer. For example, mobile routers from cell phone companies only work on one frequency, which change is impossible.
Often a bad signal is received from the weakest antenna. For example, it is too short or aimed in any one direction. You can fight it. To start, try to twist the antenna. If the signal continues to break, try to replace the antenna more powerful and long. It is possible that during operation the old one was damaged.
Weak capacity of the device is such from the beginning, and it happens that the settings are confused themselves. You can fix this by logging on to the official website of your router model. If this is supported by the manufacturer, of course. If you can not fix power on their own, it makes sense to contact the service center or buy a new device.
The problems can be due to outdated firmware version. This also happens. Long use of a single router, without any updates, leads to the fact that the firmware is outdated. Because of this, and the signal starts to go intermittent. To fix this, you need on the official website of your router model, download and install a more modern driver and updates.

Advice 2 : What if the Internet crashes

Almost every computer user is faced with various problems of the Internet connection. No one is immune from random connection failures or failure of network equipment. What do you do if the Internet periodically "crashes"?
What if the Internet crashes
Remember that the Internet connection depends on many factors: the proper operation of your computer and network equipment; correct network settings and programs; the quality of your provider; no fault in the Internet backbone. The first thing is to make sure, what is the status of your network equipment, whether it is connected to the mains, does the exchange of information. On most devices, there are light indicators with appropriate signatures. Detailed and accessible description of the indicators is in the instructions for your machine.Special attention should be paid to wireless networks. If the Internet is working via wifi, make sure you do not go beyond the limits of its coverage. The quality of the wireless status you can tell the icon for the connection.Some applications can consume a lot of resources of your Internet connection (for example, updating the software or downloading a file of large capacity). In this case, problems frequently arise in parallel operation in the network with other applications. Make sure that the entire bandwidth is not allocated between the background, you applications.Often errors can be related to incorrect configuration of any network connection settings, browser, or programs you are interested in. Special attention should be paid to the network of screens and antivirus programs, which can be a priority for the suspension of Internet access.When working with any website or network program makes you feel uncomfortable, it is possible that the error lies directly in the server of this application. He may not be able to cope with a simultaneous appeal to him excessive number of clients or have some temporary technical problems. If the above issues are not the cause of incorrect operation of the Internet, contact the technical support Department of your ISP. It is possible that the error is a result of the work of this company or used the Internet backbone. In this case experts tell you the solutions to the problem.
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