Advice 1: Why the laptop stopped to see the Wi-fi network

Laptops is a very comfortable kind of computers, but, unfortunately, they have drawbacks as well as very often they may experience various problems associated with networking.
Why the laptop stopped to see the Wi-fi network
The most common problems laptops are set up and connected to Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, before proceeding to possible solutions of this problem, you must first check whether you configured the connection properly or not.

What is the reason?

The fault may be, for example, in the router, which is used by the user or the operating system. The most common causes, in which Wi-Fi is not displayed or does not see the laptop, can be connected with the fact that Wi-Fi router is hung or is not configured, there may be different problems with the device that connects to Wi-Fi Internet access is blocked by a firewall or antivirus, and DHCP on the router does not give IP address.


To determine the cause and subsequent fix requires to check the router. This should restart the router and see whether there was displayed a network in the list. If this still did not happen, then you must unplug the network cable from the router and move it to the appropriate connector on the laptop.

This will allow you to check whether it comes from the Internet provider or not. If the Internet does not arrive, then it directly to the service provider, otherwise, you will need to configure the router. For configuration, you must navigate to the address or depending on the router model.

If in the settings all in order, then you need to update or install the driver for your network adapter. They can easily be found online, but you need to know the model. To do this, open "control Panel" and select "device Manager". In the list you want to find the "Network adapters". Here is a list of all network devices on the computer, and in order to find Wi-Fi, you should select, where there is the phrase "Wireless device...". After searching and installing all drivers, a Wi-Fi network should be displayed.

If none of these methods did not resolve the urgent problem, then most likely the problem lies directly in the device that is trying to locate and connect to a wireless network. To check this, you can buy an inexpensive USB adapter for Wi-Fi or borrow it from a friend and install it on the laptop. If the problem really was to it, then it will detect wireless networks.

Advice 2: Why doesn't my computer sees the network

There are several basic reasons due to which the computer may be isolated from the rest of the network. Usually the problem lies in the incorrect settings, firewall settings, and similar programs.
Why doesn't my computer sees the network
Click "start" and go to "Run". In the open box, type cmd, and press Enter. Type in the menu that appears, type ipconfig /all and write down the MAC address of the desired network card. Enter a value in the above table.
Clear the menu item "Routing table" or Route Table that are associated with computerom. Make sure that your PC is enabled NAT. Save the settings of the router.
Now check the settings of the computer. First, be sure to disable third-party programs that control network traffic. This can be a utility Outpost Firewall or similar. Now turn off the service "Windows Firewall". As practice shows, to configure it yourself very difficult, and the effect of her work is too little.
Open the start menu and navigate to control panel. Locate and open the "administrative tools" which is located under "System and security". Open "Services". Locate the service "Windows Firewall", click the right mouse button and select "Stop". Now open its properties and set "startup Type" setting to Disabled.
Check the settings of the network adapter. Make sure that the specified IP address is in the valid area. Try changing the value to one of the network computers, after turning off the second PC. Restart the computer and try to access network resources.

Advice 3: How to restart a laptop

List the reasons for the unresponsiveness of the computer/laptop is quite large: crashing the system files of the operating system, overloading of system resources, a bad sector on the hard drive, overheating of internal parts, damage from viruses and other. When the laptop freezes it should be restarted.
How to restart a laptop
You will need
  • - administrator rights.
Laptops, unlike desktops, do not have the case Reset button. Therefore, when hanging the system user is one solution: fully shut down the device. For this you have to press the power button and keep pressed until until the laptop shuts down (usually 30 seconds). Usually button all the time kept in the pressed state. Users often do not wait for time off, and think that their laptop is not turned off.
If the shutdown occurred due to severe overheating (it feels abnormally hot air near the ventilation holes of your laptop), give it time to cool down. Operation of the laptop in this condition will damage components, and will necessarily lead to imminent failure. Can use special stands that have built-in fans for cooling.
If the result of the forced shutdown of the laptop has failed to boot, use system restore. Some laptops (e.g. Samsung) have built-in recovery partition system. Insert the operating system disk and select "system Restore".
If after a forced shutdown the laptop does not respond to pressing the power button, contact the service center. Most likely, the device hang-up occurred due to an internal defect of parts, to eliminate that can only specialists. Do not attempt to open the laptop case yourself. Such actions will void your warranty on the device if the warranty period has not yet ended. Contact the experts at the service center, and you will definitely help to solve this problem, but you will have to pay.

Advice 4: Why does my computer not visible in network

Personal computers today are not working like simple computers, and are part of the most advanced communications systems. Combining them into a unified communication network occurs at a global level (the Internet) and in a small home or office networks (local area network). So each of us can even at home to deal with the problem of invisibility in a LAN one of the computers. You can try to discover and eliminate the cause on their own, even without experience of system administration information networks.
Why does my computer not visible in network

The simplest of all possible reasons for the invisibility of the computer network may be the lack of a physical connection - a network cable is just not included in the corresponding socket of the network card. Despite the fact that most of us don't admit that you can skip such a basic defect, the practice of system administrators shows that the simplest reason often turns out to be the culprit of the problem. Therefore, with the verification of basic options should start to determine the cause.

If not available from a network computer using a wifi connection, it will be useful to ensure that, first, the network is visible to the operating system, and secondly, the signal level is sufficient for normal operation, and third authentication system is the modem recognizes the computer with the problem and allows him access to the network. In Windows operating system it is possible to check with a feature called in the latest versions of the "control Center network and sharing". If the problem lies in the authorization, to obtain the desired code, you'll need to enter the control panel of the modem, copy it from there and enter in the corresponding box of the network connection.

Another reason may be incorrectly specified in the connection properties name "workgroup". Of the computers connected to the network, you can create multiple groups, each of which will have its own designation. If the problematic computer is configured to work with one group, then other it is not visible. To resolve this reason, you need to change the connection properties to the local network workgroup name - it must be the same on all computers for which you want to work together.

Junior edition of the operating systems of the latest developments Microsoft has no built-in means of establishing working groups (now they are called "home groups"). For example, it deals with "Windows 7 starter" - it can only connect to a group created using any more advanced edition of the same OS version (e.g. Windows 7 Professional). It can also be the cause of invisibility in the computer network installed in this stripped-down edition of the operating system.

Advice 5: What is the job of the Manager

Despite the fact that already there are informants and electronic speech synthesizers that allows you to automate communication with customers and clients, the profession of a Manager remains in demand. Phone Manager is a responsible and important position in many enterprises related to passenger and cargo transportation.
What is the job of the Manager

Why we need managers

Manager, answering phone calls of clients receiving their orders and consulting them is an important link and facilitator between customers and service providers. How it works depends on how the quality of service and address whether the client to the firm again.

Most companies working in the field of passenger and cargo transportation, used in the work of dispatching service special software or basic database, which is being carried out using spreadsheets. Manager, whose responsibilities also includes advising clients on tariff plans, etc., taking the order, enters it into the database by forming an electronic application and thereby connecting the system alerts drivers. The one who is taken for the execution of the order, and entered into a database. The Manager must track the status of order fulfillment, liaising with the customer and with the driver, he must be ready at any moment to respond to force majeure and to promptly take a decision on the replacement of the driver or cancellation of the order.

The duties of a traffic controller is much broader. It is necessary to search for orders and downloads on the territory, including international. To this end, it is necessary to view a large amount of information on the Internet and make numerous phone calls. To intercity transport car companies are not moving empty, you need to find the order, to negotiate with the customer, and as long as the package is delivered to the destination, to be in constant communication with the driver and the customer with operational control.

Requirements Manager

No special requirements level of education in this profession no, but any Manager will need a good knowledge of the basics of computer literacy, as well as some personal quality, without which in this profession is simply nothing to do. This trait of character is a good learning, attention, responsibility and stress. In addition, the work Manager, constantly communicate with people, you will need good speech and good diction, the ability to briefly and logically present information. Not interfere with high performance and Pro-active attitude and ability to behave in hands and to always remain polite and friendly, being able at the same time stop unnecessary conversations and debates.
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