Changes in the musculoskeletal system of pregnant women

Changes in the musculoskeletal system during pregnancy due to increased mass and volume of the uterus, as a result, the center of gravity is shifting. The woman straightens the spine, there is a lumbar lordosis (curvature of the spine, convex forwards). Expands the chest, lifts the ribs. In the bone tissue itself also changes, associated with changes in calcium-phosphorus balance and increased blood supply to the bones. The process is accompanied by the loosening of the connective tissue of the joint ligaments and cartilage. Similar changes occur under the influence of the hormone relaxin, produced in the placenta.

The woman increases mobility in the sacral joints. The bones of the pelvis in late pregnancy are softened and slightly diverging. This process is reflected in the gait, it becomes a "duck". The lumbosacral joint also changes its position and becomes movable. Diverge and pubic bone. All of these changes contribute to increasing the size of the entrance to the small pelvis for easy passage of the fetal head during childbirth.

Pain when extending hip bones

The divergence of the pelvis occurs due to the changes of soft tissue structures, further, the ligaments in the pelvis joints relax more. Normal this condition may be accompanied by slight pain at the pubis. The enlargement of the pelvis, the coccyx becomes movable and is deflected back, causing the woman may feel discomfort in this region during prolonged sitting. To a lesser degree of pain expressed in women before conception involved in sports, conduct an active way of life, adhere to a balanced diet.

Bone pain some women appear in the early stages, they may have different intensity and duration. In some cases the pain can disturb the whole period of pregnancy. This condition can be caused by calcium deficiency, high levels of the hormone relaxin, individual characteristics of the structure of a woman. Severe pain accompanying changes in the bones, you should limit climbing stairs, prolonged exposure in the "sitting" a long walk. It is not recommended to sit, lie down on the hard pole. It is important to control your weight and wear a bandage. When you change body position in bed you must first turn the shoulders and then the pelvis. To eliminate severe pain may be prescribed calcium supplements.