In advance, make a plan or scenario. Will include greeting part, the stage of delivery of gifts, contests and competitions, a time for toasts and congratulatory speeches, etc. Each wedding anniversary has its own symbolism – gold, ruby, silver, etc. it is Desirable to organize the holiday so that it matches the date – decorate the hall in an appropriate style to present gifts that are customary to give on this day. If the parents don't mind, I organize the wedding ceremony – she can accurately repeat their wedding event or completely different from it in style. Assign spouses to write each other words of gratitude and vows, this could be the most touching moment of the occasion. Invite the host or select from among the friends of the most active Joker – night must pass interesting and unbanal.
Pay special attention to the search of presents should be things for two or paired items that parents can use at the same time. Of the most preferred gifts it is possible to allocate the permit to stay or a boarding house, double jewelry, household items and books, etc. Try to choose not only symbolic gifts (of gold chain, gold wedding, for example), but that will appeal to both, despite the amount of years lived together (clothing, art).
Be sure to make a colorful poster or photo album. This good tradition will revive pleasant memories, stir forgotten feelings. emotions. Collect photos of friends and relatives, make a photo collage and accompany it with original signatures in the verses – parents appreciate such gifts is higher than material offerings.
Give flowers – order a large bouquet, will provide his birthday card and present the anniversaries themselves. You can order a floral arrangement of a pair of rings, doves or swans, big hearts, etc.
At the end of the celebration to make sure each of the parents were left alone – go with guests for a walk or to continue to celebrate in the club. The couple needs to be alone, immersed in memories, enjoy each other's company, to chat privately.