You will need
  • - umbrella;
  • - threads;
  • money.
  • box from the appliance;
  • - set of plugs;
  • - balloons;
  • - photos of the newlyweds.
Think in advance of his congratulations. Weddings are always a lot of toasts and fine speeches. Of course, you can also say words to the young. But the main thing in your greeting, let it be not what you say, and how to present the gift.
Select the option that you think is most successful and interesting. So, if you give money, you can choose long, as the original ways to give there are many. One of them is to make the bride and groom real money rain. For this you will need the umbrella, the strings and paper bills. Give a large sum to "cash drops". Tie the money with string to the inside of the umbrella. Treat him with the words: "When you open it, you will collapse the monetary rain". When you open the umbrella, the money will fall on the young, but thanks to the thread and not scatter in all directions.
Give the newlyweds a bunch of balloons. Inside, before you inflate them, put the money. Will be very beautiful and, importantly, a valuable gift. However, compared with the previous method, in this case, you need to very carefully approach the opening of the gift, that money is not lost. Another way: small denomination banknotes to fill a small box of household appliances. For weight can be put on the bottom something heavy, for example, a set of candles. Box sign with the word "iron" or "hair" and give to the newlyweds.
Agree with friends and congratulate the newlyweds creative room. Discuss in what form it will take. To make some kind of humorous situation in the life of a young family, sing, dance. In General, use all their talents, the young will appreciate such efforts.
Mount the video. On beautiful music or favorite song will put photos from the past newlyweds. As the beginning of their relationship, how they entertained, traveled. Such a surprise will not leave indifferent any of the guests at the wedding, and young. As you can see, to choose a suitable way of wishing the young is not so difficult. Which one would you choose, the main thing - try to make it more sincere and kind.