Feature requests for the wedding

If you have decided that to prepare in advance wedding wishes is not necessary, think again. Wedding – an event in which the excitement is transferred to everyone, even the most robust of the guests. Imagine that you came to turn to make a toast or give a gift, and all the words are somewhere lost.

When you search for the phrase "wishes the newlyweds" falls so much results that they can get lost. Yes, and it is easy to get lost – single site offers many poems, the other toasts, and the third tips how to write a congratulation itself. For your wishes for the young is very important the sincerity, no matter what you choose, peeped in the quatrain or written their words. After all, for the bride and groom the wedding is the most important holiday, and they want to hear only good and sincere wishes.

So the best thing to wish? The most neutral wishes of happiness, peaceful life, long years together, happiness, harmony, love, about how to work together to overcome difficulties and hardships. It is important to stress the point that the couple will be together always, won't leave.

Tip: make your greeting not very long, so it is better remembered and perceived. It can also handwrite or print to the bride and groom saved it.

And, of course, everyone wants to say something original and unhackneyed. But the originality lies not only in words but also in how to present them. Even the simple wishes of "happiness, love and long years together" will look very different, written with his own hand on a beautiful postcard with the signature of the person who wishes. If you are a creative person, you can make a card or draw congratulations to your taste.

Congratulations examples

So, you determined to choose his congratulations to the young couple. As mentioned above, there may be several types of requests: a toast, a poem, a proverb and even a joke.

Tip: find out in advance the details of the wedding. Perhaps the couple will be against shouting "gorko". Or they are not going to have children. In this case, the wishes of a big family would be inappropriate.

Often the wedding witnesses the bride and groom circumambulate the guests and offer them to wish that someday a new family. Here are some examples of greetings:

"In the eyes — love and happiness the light!
The labor of the groom, the comfort of the bride...
You go for many long years
Through life together!"
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"Congratulating with the day of the wedding the newlyweds want to remember the words of one writer: "a Happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short." May your life together be long sweet conversation of your heart."

"I wish you never feel lonely, because today you have ceased to be. Keep this feeling forever in your life, remember your love story, love each other every day and don't let adversity and challenges to sink your ship of love."