Advice 1: How to congratulate your daughter with a birthday

Day of birth of the child – the event is always nice and exciting, no matter how much the child years. If a child with a celebration quite simply, the older one becomes your favorite child, the longer you have to think over how to spend the festive day. For example, in case if your girl already grown up, and girls are more demanding in their desires than girls.
How to congratulate your daughter with a birthday
You will need
  • - gift
  • - holiday decorations,
  • - tasty table.
Waking up in the morning to your day of birth, your Princess can see before my eyes a beautiful bouquet and a greeting card with a touching poem. Neither is not difficult to do: surely you know very well what flowers loves a daughter, and interesting poems you can find online.
When my daughter will come to you - even if it gets into fairyland. Girls of any age remain princesses hang around the apartment festive tinsel, arrange flowers, her photos of different ages, favorite toys.For Breakfast let there be congratulations, on such a day you can afford a little champagne in the morning and say celebratory toast, put it on the table of her favorite dishes.If you want, start giving gifts in the morning – it may be small, but lovely heart, nice Souvenirs. Find out in advance what your daughter would like as a present, attentive parent for a simple task.
After the first greetings you can call the close relatives and go on a picnic. Stock up on blankets, delicious food, you can cook the barbecue, to get some air. If your daughter likes playing on the air – give her and everyone the opportunity to play and indulge in nature.Or you can prepare and organize a "treasure hunt". Prepare the map, cut it into pieces, lay them on the meadow and warn satellites that "treasure" needs to find exactly the heroine of the day. "Treasure" may become the next gift, and the largest and most beautiful mushroom. The daughter's preferences are known to you, and certainly you can be interesting and nice to organize a picnic.
In the evening – the main part of the celebration. Let this festive evening will be a carnival themed party. You can call guests by invitation, which will indicate the theme of the holiday.After a delicious table you dance till you drop. Think about how to dilute them beautiful, interesting pauses. For example, you can invite the actress who will play the role of fortune-tellers, and will do only good and positive predictions. Or you can invite the actor to play with guests to play charades.
Even if your daughter loves the Lily – do not place a bouquet at her bedside, especially when she's sleeping.

You may know that my daughter is a wish – for example, a balloon flight or a trip to the concert of your favorite band. If you can help it " realize her dream. She will be the happiest daughter, and you were the happiest parents.
Useful advice
In respect of the only or main gift: you can give it in the morning to further improve the mood of the newborn, or in the evening just before a holiday party. If the gift is very expensive, small or, conversely, very large – to make it a "treasure" not the most convenient option.

Advice 2: How to spend your daughter's birthday

To arrange your child an unforgettable holiday not only enjoyable but also quite challenging. It is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort, but the result is pleasant not only for daughterbut also to you. After all, you can give her a wonderful holiday which will forever remain in her memories.
Best birthday
You will need
  • The help of friends and free time
To accomplish this you can ask for help from their friends, among whom may be moms friends daughter. Help could include: the purchase of holiday decorations. It caps, flags, cake candles, balloons, pipes, festive napkins and disposable tableware in color, etc.
With the serving of the holiday all solved, now on to the custom cake and the holiday itself.
There are a large number of agencies holding an event for children. In this Agency it is advisable to order from the presenter, who will give a program at its best. There will be games, contests and everything that will give the guests and the birthday girl bored.
This holiday is more interesting to spend outside in the Park, but if the Day of birth falls on the cold season, the house is also perfectly will reign the atmosphere of the festival. Ordering service in the Agency, goes to order a birthday cake and the purchase of drinks and snacks. Services Agency easy to replace own images and playing Board games and holding competitions. Daughter maybe a little to participate in the organization of the holiday. For example, to distribute to friends and friends invitations.
When preparation is finished and the day came for the birthin advance, such as at night when the baby is sleeping to decorate the house. The reception will occur during the day, so the whole evening you can happily have fun, and in the end to make eating cake and unwrapping presents. Good holidays to you!
Make a list beforehand of gifts and let the guests to 3 identical dolls 5 dresses was not a surprise.

Advice 3: Wondering how to congratulate with happy birthday

"Day of birth – a sad holiday...". Quote from a famous song has already become irrelevant, because in this day to delight the birthday surprises and gifts. I want to Bang the "newborn" was in a joyful mood and feel loved and needed. To give a birthday this attitude, friends and relatives in advance thinking about how interesting to congratulate him on his wonderful day of birth?
Wondering how to congratulate with happy birthday
If you want to, when leaving home in the morning, the birthday boy immediately felt joy and happiness, glue the stairwell posters (landscape or just leaves) with words of recognition, how much you love him and what a reminder of some events and incidents of "do you remember?", are you especially close. On the door from the house, on the doors of the Elevator, on the stairs. Bright colorful leaves attract the attention of the celebrant and he, be sure, forget about all the cases just to read them all, to feel close to you and smile a pleasant surprise.
Congratulating the birthday boy on the radio, do not use trivial words "You're so beautiful and smart" and wishes of "Happiness, love, wealth." Better to sincerely thank you for any occasion that you learned something, that you birthday once had for support. It would be nice if for the air time provided for greetings and greetings to call and say their words could a few friends.
During the solemn feast also forget boring toast. After all, the day of birth – a children's holiday. And who prevents you to give the birthday boy a moment from childhood, show imagination and acting skills? For example, you can dress up Winnie the Pooh and Piglet under the altered words of the song "Good lives in the world of Winnie-the-Pooh" to present a pot on which is written large: MED. And characteristic of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet manner of communication to Express wishes. And hill money for a sweet life.
Or dress up pirates and bring a huge chest of predictions – a large decorated box. Opening it, the air must rise balloons, inside which notes wishes that the birthday boy should read. And of course, since it's a pirate's treasure chest, the bottom should lie big, happy coin (homemade) into which you can put both money and, for example, the certificate in a beauty salon or a paintball club.

Advice 4: How exciting to congratulate a friend on a baby girl

There are several original options greetings friends, my daughter's birth. His hands can make beautiful gifts that will be useful to the young mother. There are a lot of congratulatory texts, which can be adjusted in accordance with a feature of the celebration.
flowers appropriate for any occasion
The birth of a child is one of the most important events in a woman's life. So to congratulate her I want the most memorable and interesting way. All possible expressions of joy and gratitude already used by men of all ages, but for girlfriend a special ritual: she needs to emphasize that this event it is not less significant than for new moms.

Interesting ways of greetings

In addition to the joyous, free and beautiful postcards with a poetic wishes, you can fabricate colorful poster and place it in the house of a friend, waiting for her return from the hospital. A young mother will be pleased if her apartment will be festively decorated: decorated with flowers, balloons, and other attributes of the occasion.

It is possible to make a great product in the style of scarpbooking. You will need to buy a photo album of medium size and decorate it with various decor. For congratulations on the birth of a daughter would suit children's themes. You can use a variety of rhinestones, sequins, lace and beautiful fabrics. On the cover of the album you need to place a flat beautiful photo frame, which will show off a photo of your friend with her little girl. Albums style scarpbooking decorated with different natural materials: stones (can be rented for aquarium decoration), with twigs, fusing (melting furnace glass).

Another way to congratulate her friend on the birth of her daughter – to make a long ribbon of poetry and other heartfelt wishes all the best and good health to the mother and the baby. Each of the congratulations should be decorated originally and beautifully. Together they should form a small "cushion" that you want to tie a pink ribbon and put in the right size box. You can be sure that a friend will read all comments and remember those first happy days after the birth of her daughter.

Where to find greeting texts

The Internet has many resources where varianty of congratulations from friends. In the departments of stationery, you can browse the cards and choose the best wishes to this celebration. For anybody not difficult perezimovali finished the poem so that it successfully blended the names of mothers and daughters. The greeting should be memorable and original. You can also accompany the presentation of gifts.

Advice 5: How to hold a themed birthday party for adults and children

The traditional celebration of birthdays with sumptuous feasts come themed holidays, which are based on interesting for the participants of the celebration theme. Everything that happens at these festivals is inextricably linked to the chosen theme. Beautiful costumes, design, lighting, interesting scenario, the program of the evening, drinks, food – all to meet a specific style.
How to hold a themed birthday party for adults and children
A theme party can be arranged in the form of a detective story or the history of pirates. If you have the opportunity to celebrate in the street near the water - fit Hawaiian style, with bright, light clothes, cold cocktails with umbrellas and straws, lots of flowers and fruits. You need to take care of scenarios to prepare various interesting competitions in which can take part all the guests. Music, drinks, food should match the theme of the celebration. Despite the fact that the party themed birthday – remains the main person in this holiday.

Themed birthday party for kids

Script birthday can be anything. To make the evening better in the style of your favourite fairy tales, cartoons or movies. In order that the occasion took place, it is necessary to plan the guest list and warn them about party themes. The main thing that guests in a timely manner could prepare for the celebration and to decorate gifts.

For home decoration you can use balloons, ribbons, drawings on Whatman paper, toys, colors and various decals to create a fun, simple interior and in the same style to set the table. Composing festive menus, we must not forget about the menu for children, which should not be mayonnaise, but more simple beautifully decorated dishes. The key dish on the table, of course, the cake. Its design should be given special attention - it is important to reflect the theme of the celebration.It is desirable to free up space in order to enable children to play - they won't stay long in one place. Be sure to consider prizes and small gifts. Birthday for kids should be memorable, fabulous and fun.

Themed birthday party for adults

Before you start preparing for your holiday, you must decide on the theme of the birthday. Based on the theme of the celebration, you should choose the design of rooms, appropriate drinks and fun for the holiday. Party in the detective style will suit spirits (whisky, brandy, cognac) and suitable snacks. Guests can be entertained with games of "Mafia" and poker. Guests are required to dress appropriately: elegant suits and dresses.

Another option themed birthday can be a party in the style of Halloween. At a party house can be decorated with images of ghosts, witches, black cats and pumpkins traditional hellouinsky. On the tables you can place candles and lanterns. Entertaining guests at a party games like "Dinner witch", "the voice in the dark room," etc. Great fun on Halloween can be a variety of divination.
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