What is a good speech?

The key to any good speech – quality training. It eliminates the tongue-tied, nerves and other unpleasant factors. Of course, during the speech at the wedding can happen some trouble, but it is better to exclude this possibility, carefully rehearsed his text in advance.
The wedding rehearsal will help to avoid some difficult moments.

Shouldn't use prepared texts found on the Internet. Sincerity is priceless. It is important to understand that these feelings can be manifest in the preparation of the text of the speech. Remember that the optimal duration of any fatigue-free speech – from three to five minutes. It is very important after writing a speech to read it with a stopwatch in hand. It is advisable to rehearse the speech in front of a mirror so you can monitor the facial expression and gestures. Don't forget a short address.

Things to say at the wedding

The bride's parents during his speech to mention about how they are happy that they raised a fine daughter, and then you can mention any funny story to tell some interesting story about the best character traits of the bride. Then, you can Express regret about the transition of the daughter to the family of the husband and welcome the accession of the son-in-law into the family. Speech parents of the groom are usually similar in construction.

Particular the speech of the parents usually suffer from excessive gravity. Preferably during the preparation and rehearsals to be removed from all heavy moments to add a little humor and a couple of frivolous tips. Even the speech of the parents should not continue for more than a few minutes to all those present not to get bored.

The groom's speech usually consists of thanking her. It requires no wit or subtle sense of humor. Of course, it is not necessary to read out of gratitude to a long list, can be slightly diversified their clever jokes. Since we groom guests love to be interrupted with cries of "bitter", it is better to make it as concentrated and short.

Friends of the bride and groom in their speeches should avoid mention humiliating or strange stories of a young couple. The closest friends can refer to the meeting of the newlyweds and how they developed their relationship. Because friends usually are many, and history alone, it's best to agree on who and what tells. Otherwise, four or five of the same well-rehearsed speeches about the acquaintance can slightly spoil the impression. Do not forget about good wishes. It is better to talk about health, strength and luck. The possible need to avoid formulaic verses.
Distant relatives and friends it is best to avoid making speeches. Usually it looks weird.

Relatives of the bride and groom in their speeches often talk about the fact that I remember them even quite young children, and then tells a strange and not always pleasant history. Better not to do it. Instead, you can talk about how well the family of the bride or groom and use a pair of neutral jokes.