Causes of

In the event the interior of the nose painful seal that itches, aches and pain even when touched lightly, you need to closely examine it. If the cause of the ejection pimple was herpes, the skin in the nose may be reddened, swollen and itchy, and the pimple will eventually get covered with bubbles which will burst and form a hard crust. To identify its viral origin, it is recommended to get tested.

Get rid of herpes pimples forever will not work – the herpes virus settles permanently in the human body.

Also the cause of painful acne can be an inflammatory process in the hair follicle or sebaceous gland. In this case, the pimple later, you notice purulent head, before the occurrence of which the seals will look swollen and reddened. With headaches and fever should be suspected furuncle in the nose and to go to the doctor because pus formation in the nose can not be left without adequate medical treatment.

Treatment of acne

With the appearance of nose herpes pimple you need to regularly lubricate it with ointment "Zovirax" or its cheaper, but equally effective analogue of "Acyclovir". When multiple eruption of pimples and vesicles can also be the pills "Acyclovir", treating a cold sore from the inside. Treatment is needed to complement antiviral drugs and vitamins.

Painful pimples it is strictly forbidden to squeeze – this can cause infection and other serious complications.

When inflammation of sebaceous gland or hair follicle you need to use the ointment, which will destroy the pathogen, which are Staphylococcus or bacteria. With a small red and ripe pimple it is necessary to apply an ointment "Jaxson", which has powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. If the pain in the nose is very intense, and the pimple begins to stand out purulent contents – or, worse yet, develops a carbuncle (multiple pimples at the same time), need to continue to put "Jaxson" and immediately refer to a doctor. He will prescribe the right antibiotic or open the boil, carefully rinsing it with antiseptic solutions that will prevent the spread of pus in the body.