How to get rid of acne? This is probably the most asked question and hardly anyone is not looking for the answer. But it would be correct to start with what not to do when acne rash. You can not squeeze pimples and blackheads - in most cases this is a temporary "disaster" goes, and scarring from mechanical damage you will have to "wear" life.
There is a perception that when acne rash need to wash often with soap and water. To do this is undesirable, because alkaline detergents dry the skin, leaving a thick Horny layer. Dead skin cells even more clog the sebaceous ducts, and as a result, the magnitude of disasters are increasing.
First aid for acne should be aimed at freeing the sebaceous ducts because the formation of inflammation leads them overlapping on dead layer of the skin. This will help exfoliating body scrubs with hard particles and gels-scrubs. To use the scrub to be very careful, not more than two or three times a week, strong mechanical influence can cause irritation and premature sagging skin. Today on sale there exfoliating products based on fruit acids – they act more gently and are suitable for sensitive skin.
Emphasis should be placed on exfoliating masks – these funds help to get rid of the main component of acne is dead skin. To apply such funds can be no more than two times a week. Exfoliating mask film use with caution – along with dead skin cells they remove the vellus hair on the face, and that could lead to their enhanced growth.
The release of the sebaceous ducts will help salesee the effects of warm steam. Steam is considered the best means of relief acne rash. After bath on the problem areas of oily skin, apply a drying agent – it can be prepared ointments and masks or traditional medicines. Don't forget that oily skin needs moisture, so the drying procedure is best accomplished easy moisturizing mask.