Use medicated ointments, if the herpes recurs with surprising frequency. Start oiling, when there is a small itching of the face. Previously, the application helps to avoid further infection.
Put under the hot stream of water the affected area of the face for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this several times. Possible side effect on the skin. After the procedure do not go outside. If the herpes virus has developed, then add to hot water soap. Nasilivata the affected area and rinse with very hot water. Appears dry and flaky, but the crust will quickly disappear.
Use to ablate valocordin, as soon as blisters. After that brush antiherpetic lipstick.
Try to burn with alcohol or an alcohol tincture of calendula. Repeat 4 times a day. It stings, but goes away quickly.
Prepare an infusion of tobacco of two cigarettes, and a quarter Cup of boiling water. When the infusion is warm, moisten a cotton pad and apply to the affected area. Repeat this procedure up to four times a day. Problems disappear quickly, without leaving scars.
Apply to the affected area of ice, wrapping it first in a clean towel.
Lubricate with lemon juice those places where you feel itching and tingling. Lemon juice helps to disappear the bubbles of herpes.
Apply to the rash of herpes, peeled and cut in half onion.
Lubricate the herpes fir oil, honey thrice a day.
Use in the early stages of the disease any toothpaste, smearing it on the painful areas of the skin.
Apply to the areas affected by cold sores, warm tea bag of black tea for 20 minutes.
Press the juice of three carrots, parsley, Apple and beet tops. Drink small SIPS throughout.
Drink before the meal 1 teaspoon of aloe juice. Apply aloe to the affected places.