In the event of a furuncle on the nose, we can see not only the abscess but also the increase in body temperature. In some cases, increase nearby lymph nodes.

Medication treatment of furuncle on the nose

The principle of treatment of boils on the nose is to accelerate its maturity and further cleanse the sebaceous glands of pus. To do this, doctors recommend treating the inflamed area with green paint and alcohol. You can also use a solution of iodine. If the inflammation on the nose is strong, then the doctors prescribed along with the treatment of the boil and antibiotics.

When the pus comes out, cauterize the wound with hydrogen peroxide. It is imposed on a special antibacterial and healing ointment, and then the cotton wool is fixed with an adhesive plaster. In some cases, you may be assigned physical therapy.

You can not squeeze the boil before its maturation. Such careless approach can lead to serious complications. A person can cause severe swelling of the face. In addition, there is a high risk of infection.

Traditional treatments of pimple on the nose

Use for the treatment of boils special cake homemade. Take a raw egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and 5 g of butter unsalted butter. Mix all these ingredients, and then add a little flour. The batter should be of medium thickness. Roll out a small cake and attach a furuncle on the nose. Be sure to secure it with adhesive tape. To change the cake every 3 hours. To do its will need as long as the boil Matures. Usually this happens within a day. You will then need to treat the wound with tincture of calendula until healing is complete.

Take the onion and peel it from the top of the husk. Then put in the preheated oven and bake until done. Remove it and let cool to room temperature. Cut the onion in half and 1 piece attach to the boil. This procedure is done as long as the abscess is not opened. Then it is processed with hydrogen peroxide.

Use the cake from buckwheat flour. It gives very fast result. Take buckwheat and pierce it in a pan until Golden brown. Then mash it into flour, add vinegar to make a thick consistency. Of dough make a small cake and attach to the boil for 2-3 hours. To use it you need only 2 times, then pus starts to come out.