Advice 1: How to deal with acne

Previously, doctors thought that acne occurs because of bacteria that get into the pores of the skin, and prescribed antibiotics. But, according to numerous studies, this judgment was denied. In addition, antibiotics not too useful in the liver. Today doctors completely refused antibiotics.
How to deal with acne?

In adolescence, acne (acne) occurs when puberty begins. Pink pimples are formed later. Usually blackheads appear in the area of the nose wings, pour on the chin, cover the forehead and the center of the face.

Several reasons for this:

- problems with a stomach or bowel disorder;

- poor nutrition (the body enough vitamins and minerals).

The middle-aged women in menopause may also start a rash. Sometimes the body bad women perceive contraceptives and reacts in the form of acne. If the skin is prone to inflammation, then it should not annoy the wrong lotions, ointments. Only a dermatologist can prescribe you a suitable treatment and necessary ointment.

Small pimples may develop into unpleasant disease – dermatitis. The main symptoms are the appearance of small capillaries, redness, spots, or even blisters on the skin. There may be pustules and red pimples. Before you start treatment, you need to find out what causes. Maybe the person allergic to some drug or product?

The most effective can be the treatment drugs, which are based on retinoic acid. This treatment can help but may appear and side effects – headaches, eye irritation, increased cholesterol and so on. Before you take any drug, you should undergo a full examination. Retinoic acid may be found in some creams and ointments.

If the patient has dermatitis, peels undesirable conduct.

You can make micropiling to disinfect the skin and to release the follicles from the content.

In some cases it is possible to use laser therapy in which the skin is disinfected and cleaned, with the risk of scarring is reduced.

If you notice acne on the face, immediately go to the dermatologist. He will prescribe all necessary procedures. Do not tighten as soon as possible and begin treatment.

Advice 2: How to deal with age

To avoid aging of the body impossible, but this process can pause, slow down. And the sooner you begin to deal with the age, the greater the chances of success. This should take into account both the latest advances in the health and beauty industry, and mental attitude. Today there are effective tools and ways to safely push the old age.
How to deal with age
Organize proper nutrition. Not accidentally, doctors say that the man is what he eats. Anything that gets in the body, anyway, affects the appearance. However, it is also shown that out of ignorance or laziness gets in the body - necessary vitamins, micro and macro, nutrients, etc. Balanced nutrition are a sure guarantee of good health at any age. In contrast, unhealthy foods, frequent consumption of fatty, smoked and spicy food leads to early aging. Include in your menu more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink natural juices, but avoid alcohol, energy and soft drinks refuse categorically. Closer to 50 years rethink your diet: instead of the usual each day 2.500 calories be content with 1.500. Thus, you will say "no" excess weight – the cause of many diseases.
Be active. Movement – life. This familiar to ear the phrase actually is a rule for those who don't want to put up with the negative manifestations of old age – diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and other body systems. Visit (regularly) pool, gym. Make it a rule every day Hiking in the fresh air. As a result, the blood will circulate actively and, as a consequence, all the organs will start to get oxygen in sufficient quantity. And this, in turn, will positively affect the health and psychological condition, and age-related changes in the body, including appearance, will not happen before the time.
Train your brains. That's not training, it is not developed, and unnecessary loses its functions altogether. Not to get premature weakening of the mind, memory, ability logically to think and adequately, read more, crossword puzzles and charades, learn foreign languages... in short, do what requires mental activity and mental activity.
Communicate! Solitude, contemplation, thinking alone about being and the Universe is good, but it should be in moderation. After all, human beings are collective and only the collective, he can realize himself as a person, understand its purpose, to feel the demand. And this awareness allows you to feel young and do not pay attention on age.
Visit your doctor not only in case of illness, but in prevention, consult with him, listen to his recommendations. A good doctor can prevent many age-related illnesses – weak immune system and heart activity, the fragility of the joints, memory loss etc. Follow the pressure level of cholesterol in the blood, pass a medical examination, the results of which can detect signs of many age-related diseases at an early stage.
Make sure your appearance. Use anti-aging remedies that today in a huge number of cosmetic companies offer. Dose sun exposure – UV rays age the skin, provoking the appearance of age spots and deep wrinkles. Summer wear the big hat and round sunglasses. Before going outdoors, apply a cream with SPF protection. Take vitamins and the antioxidant systems to maintain youthful skin.
Do not be discouraged. Under no circumstances, do not give in to anxiety and worry about the fact that youth is irretrievably gone, and approaching old age. Gerontologists say that this kind of panic seen in people closer to 40, but gradually it recedes, and after 55-60 years comes a relaxed attitude to the fact of growing up. Moreover, the person starts to feel increasingly happy. And this is logical: life took place, attitudes and priorities formed, many of the plans executed, you can reap the benefits of its activities and to feel free. Learn to enjoy every day, to see the positive in things, and old age will never come. At least old age of the soul and spirit.
In the quest to look young do not stick fold. So, clothing and makeup old lady should not be similar to what is worn and painted as a young coquette. At the same time, the expressionless and dull as to anything. Measure and taste are the main criteria for the formation of wardrobe and cosmetics.
Useful advice
If possible, devote a part of his time travel, new acquaintances with people and places. They say that when one travels, old age recedes. Today do not have to have a lot of money to roam the cities and villages. There are books, there is the Internet, which provides an opportunity to visit different countries without leaving home. Let the journey virtual, in any case, it brings new knowledge and maintain interest in life.
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