You will need
  • - engine type F-50
Start with installing asterisk. Install the two rubber seals on the rear wheel of a Bicycle: one between the spokes and the other for knitting. The star put on the bushing with the outer side of the wheel and the Crescent – from the inside. Then tighten them with bolts. Check the gap on an inserted asterisk: it should not exceed 1.5 mm on both sides. To correct the gap, spin the wheel and pull the sprocket where it is needed.
Please note that the installed asterisk bulges and indentations of teeth needs to be directed inward towards the spokes. This is to prevent the slack chain and ensure that the correct distance from the rear wheel to the bike frame.
Engine install according to the drawing. On the right handlebar throttle place, pre-drill technological hole with a diameter of 5 mm at a distance of 125 mm from the end of the handle. Install the throttle carefully. The motor switch set with choke and connect one end to black wire of motor, and the other to the blue wire of the motor. On the left handlebar install clutch lever.
The gas tank mount on the top tube of the frame. Inside the tank, check the fuel filter. Ignition coil mount on the frame near the engine. The wires connect to the motor and switch according to their color coding. A separate wire is used to connect consumers of electricity. Usually, he feed the Faro bike.
Put drive chain on the engine sprocket and rear wheel. Install chain tensioner and adjust the chain for its tension. Avoid dragging the chain. After finishing work, check the protection circuit.
Before installing the carb to collect it. To do this, remove the cover and lay out all the parts. A needle be placed in the centre of the caliper, and on top put a flat washer with a slot so that the slot coincides with the slot caliper carb. Insert the cable in the Chuck, then thread it through the cap and through the spring.
Before operating, adjust the gap between the spark plug electrodes (0.4-0.5 mm), overtravel of the handle grip (2-3 mm). Make a mixture of gasoline and fully synthetic oil in a separate container and then pour it into the tank. The ratio of gasoline:oil use is 25:1 at the beginning of operation, and 20:1 after the first 500 km. Never fill the gas tank different types of gasoline or petrol in its pure form. Always tightly close the cap of the tank.