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Usually complete with a Cycling computer is always a special mounting area, reed switch and magnet on the spokes, lining and screed.
It is theoretically possible to install a bike computer to any location on the spoke of the wheel. And yet the magnet should be placed closer to the hub to reduce the speed and increase the length of time required for actuation of the reed switch. If you decide to fix the computer next to the rim with a large wheel size, the readings may be inaccurate.

So, the first step is to attach a bike computer sensor to the mounting bolt or plug. Be sure to adjust the position of the magnet and the reed switch. Almost all wired computers come with a special protective jacket of plastic material, which ensures reliable fastening of the wire to the frame. The wire can wrap a special transparent tape made of polyester. By the way before winding of the wire should check the cleanness of the fork and frame. After the installation of the magnet and the switch, remove the front wheel for easy laying of cables.

Install the bike computer on the front

The wire is recommended to lay on the inner side of the pen fork. In this position it is practically not be seen. Allows installation of sensor and in the front part of the pen fork. Between the sensor and the bike computer place of attachment of a wire it is better to leave a small pigtail. This is done in case the sensor offset.

It is better to attach the wire to the front brake cable. So it will be maximally protected at length. If you have to repair the bike, the wire should wrap around the brake cable. It would make his separation a lot easier. If the computer must be mounted on a bike with rim brakes, the magnet and the sensor it is recommended to install on the left side. The easiest way to put the bike on the suspension fork. But the sensors to some electronic devices to these plugs just don't fit. Then you have to use the clutch old front derailleur for making a sturdy mount computer.

Install the bike computer back

The wires from the Assembly installed in the rear, should pass under the lower feathers in the rear triangle. There they will be almost invisible. Mountain or hybrid bicycles wire can be attached to the shift cable.

If it's a Bicycle without derailleurs handlebar, route the wire from the bottom of the pipe to the bottom of the front brake cable. Then it can be put up. It is recommended to leave the cut sagging wires. Between the slack loop and the tire should leave a small gap. And be sure to make sure that the loop does not interfere with the shifting.