You will need
  • - Bicycle;
  • - gears;
  • - working tools.
For starters, discover the secret of "drunk bike." He is in control of the wheel. The latter are converted in such a way that when you turn right the bike goes left, and when turning the steering wheel left and right. That is, as drunk: all the way around. For all other indicators the bike is no different from ordinary models, such as "salute", "Kama", etc.
Implement this idea in practice. It is absolutely not necessary to invest huge sums of money. Just buy the bike or use the old one, if any, and redo it in "drunk".
For this to the steering bushing located on her front wheel weld bushing located on her fork with a wheel. Connect all of the toothed gears (use two pairs). The entire structure, close the tin leaf and brew.
Learn how to start themselves perfectly to manage this bikeohms. As a result of work done your vehicle will go by the principle: "the wheel to the left wheel to the right." Work out 30 minutes, at most an hour, and succeed.