If the source of the motorcycle IZH presented earlier editions with the air-cooled engine, change the engine to a more modern, water-cooled. He has more resources, better reliability and suitability to operating in harsh conditions.
IZH Jupiter-style chopper
Take the ignition system. With the purchase of parts it is possible to independently alter the electronic contactless system with inductive sensor. Engine power not increase, but the reliability will increase significantly. The need for such modifications due to regular unreliable ignition system, often breaking down.
Purchase and install a tuned exhaust system. It not only adds a few horses to the engine, but also change the appearance and sound of the exhaust. When selecting a tuned muffler to consider not only the possibility of its installation on the Il, but also the desired change in appearance.
To place Jupiter in sporty style install fairing. Make it yourself, as to find such an item difficult. Make a blank of the desired shape from foam and glue it with fiberglass in several layers. Try to foresee technological holes for the optics and the point of attachment to the frame or to the steering column.
For styling the motorcycle under the American style or touring motorcycle install the windscreen. It significantly increases comfort during prolonged driving on country roads. Do the side cases and topcase on the back. To do this, make wooden boxes of the desired shape and size, and then fit an their skin in a furniture workshop.
Homemade saddlebags
Install a music system on the bike. To do this, select the store the head unit (radio), amplifier, speakers and wiring. Very radio with amplifier install inside one of the saddlebags. Run the power wires to it, connect the speakers. Speakers select according to your taste.
For a serious increase in engine power and increase the maximum speed replace the carb on the sporty. Depending on the model carb you will get an increase in power of up to 40% of the standard. Be sure to install a sports air filter of zero resistance.
Install additional lights. To do this, fabricate a separate bracket attachment points 2-3 headlight and install it instead of regular lights to the steering column. Power lead also replace more powerful. At arc security put fog lights.
Install alloy wheels. They are easy to find and they are easily installed instead of the regular spicemania.