Advice 1: How to pump a bike

Not everyone prefers to travel by car. Traffic jams, accidents, police, and other factors force many to choose a vehicle bike. So, how to pump a Bicycle to stand out among the rest of the users of this transport?
How to pump a bike
You will need
  • - Bicycle;
  • glass special shape for mounting on the steering wheel;
  • basket trunk;
  • - sports bottle for drinking;
  • - paint (any, single or multiple colors);
  • - tools: pliers, screwdrivers, knife;
  • - materials: wire (plain and colored), tape.
Start tuning the bike from the front (steering) parts. Looks very impressive the presence of glass in the middle of the steering wheel. This glass can be bought in the shop selling spare parts for mopeds and scooters. Secure the glass by using special mounting structures at its bottom. If those are not available, you can neverlet there is a small hole and secure it with wire. Glass must be kept very tight, stagger unacceptable.
Install on the trunk the basket. It is attached with the same wire. Basket for storing various things at desire there it is possible to plant even a pet of small size. Special drinking bottle usually has its own mount on the frame, and long to suffer with it do not have.
In order for the Bicycle wheel when driving has created a nice visual effect on the spokes you could wrap colored wire. It's not necessarily to do with the distance between each two spokes, select the optimal distance or independently create a pattern.
Be sure to follow to put all the "bells and whistles" way so you can control the bike and did not affect its maneuverability. Otherwise, all the achievements of the tuning will only hinder you when driving.
Useful advice
The tuning of the bike with their hands – so exciting experience that the flight of your thoughts is absolutely not restricted. Use all available under the hand materials and fulfill your wildest fantasies. For example, the body of the bike can be painted in one color and frame and trunk in the other. Choose a color scheme to your own taste. In addition, you can come stickers, which are in abundance represented in the assortment of the shop for tuning cars or motorcycles.

Advice 2 : How to remake the bike

Legacy bicycles nowadays can't compete with their modern counterparts, which have greater functionality, low weight, convenience and numerous speeds. However, if you have an old bike, you can try to upgrade it by adding modern details. To remake the old bike in modern high-speed is not difficult, and it takes you less Finance than the purchase of a new bike.
How to remake the bike
Start trouble with the rear wheels. Select the new bushing suitable for sports bikes with the same number of spokes as your bike, and put it in place of the old bushing. If the wheel rim in bad condition, replace it, and if fortune rim can leave.
Purchase separately modern hexagon for wheel and Cam to be able to quickly remove the wheel from the frame, and then just as quickly fastened it back. All modern bikes are equipped with eccentric, so this purchase is very convenient.
Collect the wheel carefully, making sure the sequence of movements and observing all the parameters, or assign this work velomehaniki.
However the rear wheel, engage the setting gears. Purchase a switch that is combined with hexagon and is mounted on the frame of the Bicycle axle Seimas with eccentric.
Tool manual speed control clip on handlebar near the right brake by installing in the correct order all the cables.
Be sure to recycle the braking system of the bike. Buy finger brake and mount it on the rear wheel to have not only a front brake, and rear. Install on the handlebar brake lever, pull the wires and the jacket to the brake Shoe. To install the brake to drill in the area for mounting the trunk of a small hole in which passes the axis of the mounting brake.
To install additional components on the handlebar, remove the handlebar rubber nozzle-handle — to do this, carefully insert between rubber and metal thin screwdriver and fill the resulting hole with water.
The rubber nozzle is easily removable. To put it in place again soak the rubber from the inside with water. Feathers give frame to a desired width, stepping to the left pen and pushing the right pen. Flex feathers with a gas key, achieving perpendicular to the feather axis of the wheel.
Cables brake and speed system reinforce the frame with a simple metal clamps. If necessary, replace the pedals and replace the bike new chain and star.
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