You will need
  • - Bicycle;
  • glass special shape for mounting on the steering wheel;
  • basket trunk;
  • - sports bottle for drinking;
  • - paint (any, single or multiple colors);
  • - tools: pliers, screwdrivers, knife;
  • - materials: wire (plain and colored), tape.
Start tuning the bike from the front (steering) parts. Looks very impressive the presence of glass in the middle of the steering wheel. This glass can be bought in the shop selling spare parts for mopeds and scooters. Secure the glass by using special mounting structures at its bottom. If those are not available, you can neverlet there is a small hole and secure it with wire. Glass must be kept very tight, stagger unacceptable.
Install on the trunk the basket. It is attached with the same wire. Basket for storing various things at desire there it is possible to plant even a pet of small size. Special drinking bottle usually has its own mount on the frame, and long to suffer with it do not have.
In order for the Bicycle wheel when driving has created a nice visual effect on the spokes you could wrap colored wire. It's not necessarily to do with the distance between each two spokes, select the optimal distance or independently create a pattern.