Advice 1: How to pump a bike

Not everyone prefers to travel by car. Traffic jams, accidents, police, and other factors force many to choose a vehicle bike. So, how to pump a Bicycle to stand out among the rest of the users of this transport?
How to pump a bike
You will need
  • - Bicycle;
  • glass special shape for mounting on the steering wheel;
  • basket trunk;
  • - sports bottle for drinking;
  • - paint (any, single or multiple colors);
  • - tools: pliers, screwdrivers, knife;
  • - materials: wire (plain and colored), tape.
Start tuning the bike from the front (steering) parts. Looks very impressive the presence of glass in the middle of the steering wheel. This glass can be bought in the shop selling spare parts for mopeds and scooters. Secure the glass by using special mounting structures at its bottom. If those are not available, you can neverlet there is a small hole and secure it with wire. Glass must be kept very tight, stagger unacceptable.
Install on the trunk the basket. It is attached with the same wire. Basket for storing various things at desire there it is possible to plant even a pet of small size. Special drinking bottle usually has its own mount on the frame, and long to suffer with it do not have.
In order for the Bicycle wheel when driving has created a nice visual effect on the spokes you could wrap colored wire. It's not necessarily to do with the distance between each two spokes, select the optimal distance or independently create a pattern.
Be sure to follow to put all the "bells and whistles" way so you can control the bike and did not affect its maneuverability. Otherwise, all the achievements of the tuning will only hinder you when driving.
Useful advice
The tuning of the bike with their hands – so exciting experience that the flight of your thoughts is absolutely not restricted. Use all available under the hand materials and fulfill your wildest fantasies. For example, the body of the bike can be painted in one color and frame and trunk in the other. Choose a color scheme to your own taste. In addition, you can come stickers, which are in abundance represented in the assortment of the shop for tuning cars or motorcycles.

Advice 2: How to replace the rear wheel on the bike

Bikes – reliable vehicles. Of course, sometimes breakdowns happen. If you want to replace the rear wheel, the work can be performed independently. As a rule, it must be done, if the damaged tyre or wheel rim.
How to replace the rear wheel on the bike
You will need
  • Bike, new back wheel, set of tools
If you decide to replace the rear wheel of the Bicycle, will decide what brakes installed. It depends on the sequence of your actions.
If the brake disk, special operations are not required. But rim brakes will need to first decompress. If you do not, you simply will not be able to remove the rear wheel.
If the Bicycle has a brake V-brake, you need to start with compression pads. This will give the opportunity to remove the arc. It is necessary to compress in the place of fastening of a rope. For this operation, special efforts not required.
Turn the bike upside down, setting it on the handlebars and the saddle. You should remove the GPS, trip computer or other valuable equipment.
Before performing any work necessary to take care of the speed switch knob and brake handle. Put them under the soft fabric. This will protect the devices from damage.
If a hydraulic brake, it is not necessary to hold the bike upside down for a long time. It is possible that to change the wheel you will long. Remember that in hydraulics it can get air. If this happens, you need to pump the brakes.
The cleaning procedure of the hydraulic brakes is quite time-consuming. Of course, you can not bleed the brakes, but then they will not work properly. This should not be allowed.
Rear wheel of the Bicycle mounted on the axis. Mount found different, it depends on the sequence of your actions. If the fastening wrench, it will take a couple of keys. Clamp nut, Unscrew the second with another key.
Fully remove the nut is not necessary. Make several turns with the key. After that, the wheel is removed quite easily.
Speaking about the eccentric, the lifting wheels will be more simple. You need only remove his arm. After that you need to twist counter-clockwise. You can remove the wheel.
Remember, the chain passing through the gear shift of the bike. Carefully remove it from the sprockets, leaving the frame.
Grasp the wheel and pull it up, it will come out without effort. Please note the following. If the Bicycle has disc brakes, if you remove the wheel you need to click on their handle. The fact that such manipulations lead to the compression pads.
Loosen the pads. Only then take care of installing the wheel. Returning the rear wheel in place, follow all the steps in reverse order.

Advice 3: How to bleed the top of your chest

Pectoral muscles – the basis of all of human body. Therefore, they should pay much attention during class with iron. The chest consists of three levels: lower, middle and upper. There are several exercises to study it top.
How to bleed the top of your chest
You will need
  • - gym;
  • - incline bench;
  • - rod;
  • - dumbbell.
Conduct a thorough warm-up before training with weights. It is necessary to properly prepare the muscles for the upcoming workload. In any case, do not proceed with the work with the weight on cold muscles. Jump rope for 5-7 minutes. Do some push-UPS. Mash of arms, legs, chest. Follow the twists and turns the housing in different directions. Now you are ready to deal with the iron.
Perform bench press on a flat bench. It should be installed at an angle of 45 degrees. This is the perfect location for pumping of the upper part of the chest. Immerse the rod with a small weight. Lie on the bench and take the shell grip at the top. Remove it from the racks and slowly lower until it lightly touches the chest. On the exhale, squeeze the bar. Repeat 9 more times. Perform 4 sets.
Make wiring of the dumbbells on the bench. The shells should match your weight. No need to take too heavy dumbbells in the first stage. You need to hone it is the technique of the exercise. Take the dumbbells in hand, lie on a bench and lift them up over your head. On the inhale, spread the shells in hand to the pain threshold. On the exhale return to the starting position. Make thus 10 repetitions and 4 sets.
Use a special device for the pumping of the upper part of the chest. In some rooms there is a "pull from yourself." It helps, again, to study the topography of the upper part of the chest muscles. Running it from the same calculation with the same technique as the previous two exercises. Just remember that it should be done only after a couple months of work with dumbbells and a barbell.
Make hitch the chest muscles after working with the iron. Make it a practice to stretch at the end of training. First, they will promote rapid recovery and muscle growth. Secondly, it will help prevent injury and stagnation. Press one hand to the racks and pull the left part of the chest for 30 seconds. Do the same with the right part.
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