The main component of "Antiseptic" dydrogesterone, which is similar to natural progesterone. Doctors recommend it to be taken to prepare the endometrium of the uterus for future pregnancy. After its occurrence the drug continues to drink to save the fetus.
The drug is prescribed during pregnancy planning. Before taking medicines you must pass tests showing the level of progesterone in the body. After it is proven that the presence of the hormone in the body less than the normal, doctors prescribe "antiseptic". To obtain reliable and robust results about the level of progesterone analysis should be put in the middle of the second phase of the menstrual cycle. A woman needs for three cycles to track ovulation and to donate blood at least two laboratories. You can't start taking the drug during pregnancy and in the planning stage without proper preliminary examination. "Vitrum" - a hormonal agent and an excess and uncontrolled ingested very harmful to the woman.
Doctors "antiseptic" is prescribed during pregnancy planning from 11 to 25 day for three to six cycles. This is for those patients whose menstrual cycle is 28 days. In the case of pregnancy after receiving the "Antiseptic" should not interrupt taking the drug and continue to drink it. Sharp decline in progesterone leads to miscarriage. Normal dosage during an interesting situation is 20 mg twice a day. Cancel hormonal drug during pregnancy should be gradual and occur around the 20th week.
Individual treatment plan provides the attending gynecologist. Can't drink "main", prescribed by the doctor only by questioning. Before taking and to clarify the causes of miscarriage and infertility should be tested for hormones. In the case of a threatened miscarriage can be recommended 40 mg "Antiseptic" at the same time. Dose adjustment depends on the General condition of the vaginal epithelium.
The drug causes such side effects as headache, nausea, vaginal bleeding, dizziness and allergies. Those who had previously taken birth control pills, you should pay more attention to the reception of the "Antiseptic". Because the combination of progestin with estrogen highly increases the risk of thrombosis. Hormonal agent is contraindicated for women with liver and heart. Also, caution should be taken "antiseptic" patients with depression, asthma and vaginal bleeding.