Often in time of pregnancy "cough medicine" prescribed for the threat of interruption, for the prevention of miscarriage in women, a previous pregnancy which ended in failure and with in vitro fertilization.
"Cough medicine" is assigned to the gynecologist in a certain dosage and for medical reasons, which are established during the patient's examination. Don't do this yourself without consulting a specialist: the preparation involves a prolonged intake over several weeks, strict discipline and prevents abrupt cancellation.
Approximate daily dose of progesterone in threatened miscarriage is 200-400 mg, and in special cases may be increased to 600 mg When the woman's condition stabiliziruemost, your doctor may reduce the dosage or to leave it unchanged for the entire period of treatment. According to the instructions, "cough medicine" you can take up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, but depending on the condition of the placenta gynecologists sometimes increase the duration of use up to 36 weeks. In other words, taking the drug strictly as directed by your healthcare professional.
"Cough medicine" you can take it orally or by vaginal introduction, but in the time of pregnancy is preferable to the second method, because in this way the progesterone is absorbed faster than through the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the ingestion is contraindicated in women with impaired liver function.
The "Utrozhestane" is the following:- wash hands;- enter one or more capsules into the vagina to a depth of 5-8 cm;- lie down for 20-30 minutes so that the drug dissolved in the body, affected not leaked ahead of time.
For the successful application of the "Utrozhestane" obey several conditions:- take this medicine always at the same time depending on a doctor's prescription: a single dose a day at bedtime, twice – morning and evening, three times - at 6.00, 14.00 and 22.00; in order not to damage the vaginal mucosa, briefly cut off the nails or wear the fingertip with the introduction of capsules;- capsules is because after some time emerge from the vagina, use daily pads to protect underwear.
The abolition of the "Utrozhestane" check with your obstetrician-gynecologist. Usually is a scheme of gradual reduction in dosage to 100 mg per week. For example, if the daily dose up to 20 weeks of pregnancy was 400 mg, with smooth cancellation on the 21st week, take 300 mg a day, with the 22nd in the 200 mg, and 23 - 100 mg for 7 days, then discontinue taking the capsules.