What is the essence of medical treatment?

Cervical erosion is a fairly widespread disease characterized by the formation of small ulcers on the mucous membrane of the cervix. By itself it is not dangerous and is not considered precancerous, but in advanced stages can increase the risk of cancer.

Modern medicine offers two treatment options erosion – medical and surgical. The first method is effective if erosion is not progressing, the patient is young enough, never gave birth and is planning pregnancy. Unlike surgical, it leaves no scars that can prevent conception and gestation.

The medical method involves the integrated treatment with drugs that affect the cause of erosion, and also have anti-inflammatory effect and promote the repair of damaged tissues.

Drugs to combat erosion

To accelerate the regeneration of the hearth erosion can be used vaginal candles, such as Depanthenol" tablets "Vitrum" as well as swabs from applied topically or solcoseryl ointment sintomitsinovoy emulsion and plant oils of sea buckthorn and rose hips.

To speed up the process of the withering away of the damaged cells and promote their replacement with healthy epithelium, use of cytotoxic chemicals, such as Solkovagina" and "Verotel". For clear visualization of the boundaries of the lesion area of erosion is treated with 3% acetic acid, then the affected areas are lubricated with a solution "Solkovagin" with the help of sterile cotton buds. Processing Aguila is performed using pre-moistened cotton swab, which is applied to the area of erosion for 1-3 minutes. Usually these procedures are performed by a gynecologist with a frequency of 2-3 times a week.

If the erosion was caused by infectious diseases of the vagina, such as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc., then the positive effect will be achieved only in case of their complete elimination. The use of specific antiviral and antibacterial drugs. Note that the integrated drug treatment also includes tools that have a restorative effect and are designed to enhance immunity.

Is it possible self?

Erosion is a disease that does not tolerate independent decision-making. To choose the right drug and prescribe an effective course of treatment can only specialist on the basis of data obtained through surveys.

In the early stages to get rid of erosion is possible without surgery, so it's important to visit a gynecologist at least once every six months, even in the absence of any discomfort.