The provision of preferential categories of citizens, which include pregnant women, free medicines is carried out in the framework of the national project "Health", launched in 2006. How does this program work?

The procedure for obtaining drugs


Under the project, each pregnant woman on the birth certificate, according to which female consultations are billed observation standing on the account of pregnant women. This part of the certificate also covers cost of medicines. Thus, to get free medication, a woman should always stand on the account in female consultation.

The gynecologist gets every pregnant map observations, which will provide information about the health of the expectant mother and all of their appointments.

If the drug is prescribed by a doctor is included in the approved list of drugs prescribed to pregnant, the doctor has the right to write a prescription for a drug for which a woman will get it at the pharmacy, with which women's consulting contract. To learn about what the pharmacy can provide the medicine can at the information booth in the consultation.

List of drugs


The main part of medicines issued at the expense of means of Fund of social insurance consists of a variety of vitamins for pregnant women:

- Alpha-tocopherol acetate";

- "Alpha-tocopherol-UBF";


- "Bio-Max";

- "Vitamin E";

- "Vita Spectrum";

- "Vitatress";

- "Vitrum vitamin E";

- "Vitrum Prenatal";

- "Vitrum Prenatal Forte";

- "Vitrum Superstress";

- "Vitrum";

- "Geksavit";


- "Sitram vitamin E";

- "Sitroom Of Centuri;

- "Complivit Mama for pregnant and nursing women;

- """;

- "Komplivit-Aktiv";

"Maxamin Forte;

- "MAGAZIN, Pronatal";

- "MAGAZIN,Multimax";

- "Multi-tabs Active";

- "Multi-tabs Intensive";

- "Multi-tabs classic;

- "Multi-tabs, Perinatal";

- "Watering Geriatric";

- "Multivitamin";


- "Revit-ODI";

- "Selmevit";

- """;

- "Teravit Antistress";

- "Ascorbic Acid Does Not Help The Sick";

- "Teravit";


- "Tocopherol acetate";

- Tri-VI Plus";

- "Undevit";

- "Undevit-ODI";

- "Folatsin";

Folic acid;

- "Zapalert vitamin E Forte";

- "Elevit Prenatal".

Vitamins in the list of diverse numbers. However, pregnant women need not only a vitamin complex, but also in preparations of iron. And they are in this list:

- Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose;

- Ferrous fumarate with folic acid;

- "Acyclovir";

"Aflubin Complex";

- Ferretab complex";

- "Ferrovie";

- "Ferrovie Forte.

The rest of the drugs are iodine, to be taken throughout the pregnancy:


- "Codomain";


Some women in addition to vitamins and minerals, require such expensive drugs as "fraxiparin", hormones ("main", "cough medicine"), drugs for the treatment of thrush, the drug "Hyper Rowe diabetes." Despite the fact that these drugs are not on the list, you can try to get them for free by contacting the Ministry of health in its region.