Hematoma in pregnancy is a condition in which the fertilized egg begins to separate from the wall of the uterus, the process is accompanied by rupture of blood vessels in the place of rejection. The result is a blood clot, called a hematoma. Whatever the reason, you should make every effort to accelerate the resorption of hematoma during pregnancy, as it can lead to miscarriage.
If you have a nagging pain in the abdomen and brown discharge from the vagina, with almost 100% certainty we can say that you have a retrochorial hematoma. Hematoma is often a very long time does not manifest itself and this condition is only diagnosed on ultrasound. This means that the hematoma has formed, but emptied not start. If you have started a brownish discharge, this suggests that the hematoma was gradually out, that is, to dissolve and shrink in size. Therefore, it is considered positive dynamics: under the condition of timely treatment can achieve complete resorption of the hematoma and removing it from the cavity of the uterus.
Another thing is when you have bright red discharge. These symptoms mark the beginning of bleeding, accompanied by an increase in the area of detachment of the ovum. Sometimes doctors confuse the condition with any other disease. If you are diagnosed with "retrochorial hematoma", but you don't have brown and red discharge, it is likely that after a short time it already will not find.
How does hematoma during pregnancy? The removal of a blood clot in the place of rejection of the ovum occurs under the influence of krovoostanavlivajushchim drugs, including "Docino". To lower the tone of the uterus is possible through the use of "Magne-B6", "no-Spa and Papaverine". It is important to accept and progesterone drugs – "antiseptic" and "cough medicine". In addition, you should drink a mild sedative allowed to take during pregnancy, and vitamins – vitamin E and folic acid.
To accelerate the resorption of the hematoma and prevent chronic fetal hypoxia by using "Actovegin" - a drug that improves the supply of fruit nutrients. How does hematoma during pregnancy? It is subject to absolute physical quiet and total lack of sex life. To blood clot came out faster, you have to give the body a sloping position, in which the feet are above the head. It is important to follow a diet that eliminates lethargy and excessive bowel peristalsis.