The application of the "Utrozhestane": indications

The use of "Utrozhestane" in the form of capsules appointed in the following cases: anovulatory cycle, irregular menstruation, infertility caused by insufficient progesterone; luteal phase deficiency in the menstrual cycle; syndrome of tension before menstruation; period of preparation for IVF and other reproductive technologies; fibrocystic disease; prevention of spontaneous abortion in the case of habitual miscarriage due to inadequate function of the corpus luteum; to prevent fibroids and endometriosis; menopause, especially in its early offensive – as replacement therapy is combined with other hormones (estrogens).

"Cough medicine: instructions for use

Vaginally: in the absence of the ovary, as well as its dysfunction in the transplant donor eggs) from the 13th day of the cycle is applied daily dose of 100 mg Capsule is entered at night deep in the vagina. Since 15 days the dose is doubled. From the 26th – is added thereto 100 mg every seven days. In the event of pregnancy, the dose should be increase to 800 mg daily (in three doses). To use the drug in such quantity should be two months.

In the preparation of ECO is prescribed a daily dose of 400-800 mg. the Use of "Utrozhestane" needs to start the day when a woman will be the injection of human chorionic gonadotropin and subject to the successful development of pregnancy, not to stop for 8 weeks.

In the induction of menstrual cycle medicines, infertility caused by deficiency of progesterone, the recommended dose is 200-300 mg per day, it is used from the 17th day of the cycle for 10 days. If a woman becomes pregnant, treatment is continued.

For the prevention of habitual miscarriage, and also for threatened miscarriage "cough medicine" is prescribed 400-800 mg daily. The daily dose is administered in two doses. Treatment continued in the 1st and 2nd trimester.

Oral: when an insufficient amount of the hormone yellow body usually prescribe a dose of 200-300 milligrams per day. This number must be divided into two times.

Failures of the menstrual cycle, PMS, premenopausal women, dysmenorrhea, mastitis "cough medicine" is taken on certain days of the cycle: starting with the 16th and 25th.

As replacement therapy along with estrogens "Utrozhestan" is assigned: in the period prior to menopause – to 200 mg a day for 10-12 days in the second half of the cycle; and with the onset of menopause is 100 mg per day on all days of the cycle.