Progesterone provides support for phase II of the menstrual cycle. With its lack arise various disorders of the menstrual cycle, and, as a consequence, ovulatory and anovulatory uterine bleeding. Therefore without normal production of progesterone, the pregnancy is almost impossible.

If pregnancy still occur, low levels of progesterone can have irreversible consequences: from miscarriage to underdevelopment of the embryo. To get pregnant with low progesterone, it is possible by using medications containing this hormone increases in the blood. Quite another question – can a woman carry and give birth to a healthy baby?

What if in a woman's blood is not enough progesterone?

When disturbed the function of the corpus luteum, a natural or synthetic progesterone for a few weeks, you need to enter in a day or daily before conception. Then the drug is administered up to 4 months of pregnancy, if miscarriage of fetus – 36 weeks of pregnancy. Treatment plan, specific medication and dosage prescribed by a doctor, which relies on the results of the test for hormones. Self-treated, or arbitrarily change the dose prescribed medicines in any case it is impossible!

The progesterone level in the blood increases drug method with a single drug or them complex. Usually it capsules cough medicine used vnutrivaginalno or oral. In the first case, 100-200 mg every 12 hours, the second 200-400 mg every 6-8 hours (three times a day) for 12 week, inclusive.

The main (dydrogesterone) is prescribed in the amount of 10 mg every 8 hours, treatment is individual, usually the drug is taken to 14-20 weeks of pregnancy. Inject 1 % solution of ingest need to enter every day or every other day at 0.5 or 2.5 ml, and the solution of progesterone (oil), 10-25 mg, until the threat of miscarriage.

How to maintain a sufficient level of progesterone?

When the content of progesterone is reduced, but not so critical to make the medicines, the hormone levels can be increased taking herbal or decoction, previously warning the doctor about this desire. If the doctor recognizes this treatment is safe and beneficial, you can take advantage of such people's ways.

There's a special preventive diet to help increase the level of progesterone in the blood. It involves eating dairy, soy, legumes and meat products, and nuts, cheese and eggs.

The main thing – not to worry about the obtained results of the analysis on hormones, and consult a doctor and strictly observe all of the recommendations. Then the probability of conception will be much higher, and the pregnancy will proceed favorably and will culminate in the birth of a healthy baby.