What thickens the blood

Human blood consists of liquid portion (plasma) and blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets). When disturbed the ratio between the two parts (fluid and cellular), say that a man has thick blood. The causes of such violations, as a rule, are as follows.

Dehydration. This is a classic case where the liquid part of blood (plasma) becomes too small for the normal transportation of blood cells in the body. Dehydration is not only low fluid intake, especially in the heat, but also high fever, vomiting, diarrhea.

Increased blood clotting (a condition caused by many factors).
A large number of all blood cells. The reasons for this are usually quite serious, including can be cancer.

High levels of glucose in the blood, which usually happens in diabetes. Blood in the literal sense of the word resembles a thick sugar syrup.
Acidosis (a condition that occurs in some systemic diseases).

The blood viscosity may increase due to some blood diseases, kidney, as well as with a high dose of radiation and some drugs.

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If the blood is very viscous, it moves slowly through the vessels, and in some places may even stagnate (e.g., in varicose nodes). It is dangerous thrombosis. Besides, slow blood circulation organs and tissues experiencing a shortage of blood supply, which might lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Signs of increased blood density

Usually people with thick blood experiencing lethargy, sleepiness, reduced performance, shortness of breath, increased heart rate (tachycardia). But the main symptom that the body signals about this issue – thirst. If increased blood viscosity caused by dehydration, the simple use of water almost instantly relieves the person from all unpleasant symptoms. But if fluid is sufficient, and the symptoms of thick blood still present – it is more a serious disease.

What to do if thick blood

First, to drink more. You need to have a useful habit is to carry a bottle of water and drink in small SIPS throughout the day. Even if you drink do not want, you have to force yourself. A half liter a day is a minimum for the active adult.

Second, to follow the diet. To avoid this, especially in the heat, salted and smoked products, semi-finished products, chips.

Thirdly, if there is a tendency to thrombosis, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor the advisability of taking blood thinners. As a rule, ordinary aspirin.

Fourth, timely and competently to cure the disease, resulting in increased blood viscosity.