You will need
  • - vitamins, folic acid, fish oil;
  • - red wine;
  • - walnuts and honey;
  • - garlic, Apple cider vinegar, wine, olive oil;
  • - carrot-beet juice.
Give blood for analysis to determine the level of cholesterol. If it really is elevated, the doctor will prescribe you special preparations to promptly withdraw it from the body. Start taking medications without consulting with a specialist is impossible because it is impossible to say with certainty, you have elevated cholesterol or not.
Stick to the diet. Completely eliminate from your diet fatty and fried foods of animal origin. Eggs and dairy products temporarily do not eat. Eat as many greens, vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes and nuts. Gradually, the blood will be cleared of "bad" cholesterol (low density lipoproteins).
Take fish oil capsules, folic acid and vitamin complexes. For the normal functioning of internal organs and purification of blood in the body should consume the right amount of minerals that cannot be absorbed from food.
Refrain from Smoking and drinking strong alcohol. But 100 ml of good red wine will not harm the body. Wine thins the blood and removes "bad" cholesterol, but drinking it should be in strictly limited quantities.
Grind 100 g walnuts and mix with the same amount of honey. Eat a tablespoon on an empty stomach.
Eat carrot-beet juice. Clean the vegetables from the skin and grate on a fine grater, wrap in cheesecloth and press the juice. In the presence of a juicer all the more easier.
Eat garlic – it stimulates the removal of cholesterol from the blood. Make a cocktail. To do this, chop 3 cloves of garlic, add 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, red wine, olive oil. Leave for a few hours. The resulting mixture divide into three doses, before use, dilute each dose with warm water three times.
Re-submit to a blood test level of cholesterol. Even if he came back to normal, it doesn't mean you can eat unhealthy foods. Continue to monitor their health and lead an active lifestyle.