You will need
  • medicinal products;
  • - medicinal plants.
When signs of networkaware of blood, nasal frequent, profuse uterine bleeding, consult a doctor–a hematologist. He offered to do a blood test and urine and, if necessary, a bone marrow puncture of the sternum. Quantitative normal platelet count – 150-400 thousand in 1 mm. A figure below 140 thousand – a sign of trombotsitopatii.
In case of massive uterine and nasal bleeding administered intravenously 5% solution of aminocaproic acid. To normalize platelet intramuscularly injected "Adrokson" and adenosine triphosphate. Also apply other medications – "Did", "Pemba", tranexamic acid, "Amount", etc.
In severe cases, do transfusion platelet mass. The latest developments in the treatment of trombotsitopatii include bone marrow transplantation and stem cells.
In the treatment of this disease should avoid the use of drugs that affect the function of platelets and reduce their number. These include salicylates, anticoagulants of indirect action and fibrinolitiki. It's aspirin, "Indomethacin", "Ibuprofen", "Phenylbutazone", papaverine, furosemide, antibiotics penicillin, antidepressants.
In addition to medical treatment organize proper nutrition, rich in vitamins A, C and R. To increase blood clotting include in the daily diet of nuts, especially almonds and peanuts, green tea, parsley.
Use a rich Arsenal of medicinal plants, contributing to increased blood clotting. The leader is nettle. Also useful cranberry and grape leaf, cinquefoil goose, oak bark, Linden blossom, water pepper, horsetail, shepherd's purse, roots of Burnet, etc.