The pill is 99% protection from pregnancy. In addition, they have other very useful for the female body. In women with unstable menstrual cycle they contribute to its stabilization. Also due to the low content of hormones in oral contraceptives can help with the treatment of diseases such as acne, seborrhea, increased hair on the body of male type. However, be careful: addictive to hormonal contraceptives may increase the activity of sebaceous glands and lead to the deterioration of the skin.
One of the most popular female phobias when choosing birth control pills – the fear that these pills will increase body mass. In fact, fear should not excess weight. The hormone estrogen found in many drugs, contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. In the end, step on the scale, you may find one or two extra pounds, however it will be only water. A greater danger is the fact that it could lead to the development of cellulite.
Women who for a long time took oral contraceptives, and then abandoned them in the hope to conceive a child for some time may not come pregnancy. This dysfunction is temporary for a few months the body will likely be back to normal and the reproductive functions will be restored in full.
In some cases, birth control drugs increase the risk of blood clots. Therefore, smokers, women over thirty-five years, doctors recommended to choose other means of contraception.