On their own to replace some birth control pills other people, even if you have side effects, and your friend has already done it. Listen only to the opinion of the doctor with whom you should discuss the reasons and ways of introducing new contraceptives. It is better to consult the specialist, which you have written the first drug.
The doctor will advise you not to throw the pills in the middle of packing, no matter how strong were no side effects, otherwise, increases the likelihood of menstrual irregularities, pregnancy and opening of uterine bleeding. The hormonal drugs should be finish before the end of the packing, and then switch to another drug or even cancel the appointment. With the exception of pregnancy, in this case, oral contraceptives should be stopped immediately as soon as you diagnosed a pregnancy.
If you're just going to get pregnant and was on the pill for protection be refused admission to any day of the cycle even finished packing. But the rejection of them, most likely, will provoke a bleeding resembling menstruation, but less abundant and more lasting. Typically, such selection shall cease in 1-2 weeks. If they continue more than 3 weeks or if they worsen, contact your doctor.
The scheme of change of the combined contraceptive consisting of 21 tablets in the package: take the last pill of the drug from the pack and wait 7 days. During this time, must pass the next menstruation. Start a new contraceptive exactly 7 days, even if the month is not yet over. If the packaging of combined contraceptive pills contains 28 pills, drink the last pill in the pack. The next day at the same time already to start a new birth control drug with the first active pills.
Usually the correct move from one contraceptive to the other causes no loss in protection from unwanted pregnancy. If you follow the advice of the doctor and strictly comply with the schedule, additional methods of contraception to use is not necessary. Sometimes changing hormonal tablets adverse reactions: spotting from the vagina, nausea, headaches. Ailments are usually quickly and do not require a break in the reception contraceptives.
If you are planning with birth control pills to move on to other types of contraception, use the same scheme as in place of some other pills. Product with 21 tablets in the pack: - 7 days after the last hormonal pill apply the patch, enter vaginal diaphragm, cervical cap or hormone ring. Contraceptives with 28 tablets you want to replace the next day after admission. 48 hours oral contraceptive cease to operate and create protection from unwanted pregnancy.