The correct selection – with the help of a specialist

Birth control pills are hormonal means of contraception. In some of the active substance can be more, in others less. However, each tablet has a definite influence on the female body and can cause unpleasant diseases.

Birth control pills are not recommended to choose on their own, following the advice of friends or relatives. Each hormonal system is unique and operates differently. Violation of background can lead to malfunction of internal organs, endocrine and reproductive systems.

The correct selection of birth control pills consists of three stages. The first examination gynecologist consultation. The second – testing for the definition of hormonal. Third – the selection of a doctor of pills on the basis of research results.

Independent selection of birth control pills

However, there are times when the doctor is impossible to get, and love was raided. In this case, the selection of pills you can carry yourself. But be careful: this method can reduce the effectiveness of the funds (if you are in the wrong). Therefore, during intercourse, be sure to use additional contraception (condoms, gels, candles, etc.).

Independent selection of the pill consists of two stages. First it is necessary to determine which tools will suit you. Today the choice of pills is very large, but the two main types: combined (containing two hormones) and mini-pill (composed of only progestogen). If you are a young nulliparous woman after 35 years, pay attention to micro-dose of Coca. Experienced and Mature women should choose combination tablets with a low dosage.

Minipill is suited to young nursing mothers and Mature women. Also these tablets can be taken with varicose veins and diabetes. One-component the pill is the best choice for smokers ladies.

The second stage consists of the determination of its phenotype, which depends on the dominant in a woman's body hormone. If you are the owner of a figure with pronounced forms, the visible vegetation on the body and your periods differ in duration and profusion of your type of estrogen. A good defense should seek the progestin (mini-pill, Rigevidon, Minisiston, etc.).

Women and girls progesteronethe type are angular figure, just noticeable Breasts, scanty and painful menses, problematic skin. In this case, you should choose the pill with antiandrogenic effect (yasmin, Jess, Janine, Belar, etc.). There is also a balanced phenotype. Such girls differ in normal skin, is virtually painless menstruation, the average duration and the extent of feminine appearance. In this case, the best option of contraception will be the COC (Mercilon, LOGEST, Femoden, Regulon, etc.).

It should be noted that addiction to birth control pills lasts from one to three months. In this period unplanned spotting, slight nausea, headaches. Over time the symptoms disappear. If not, you should visit a doctor and change the drug.