Undergo a medical examination. Hand over the General analysis of blood and analysis of blood sugar and cholesterol. Make a fluoroscopy, and ultrasound or mammography of the breast. The list of doctors to visit, include not only the gynecologist, but a therapist, gastroenterologist, urologist, endocrinologist. These professionals will check the condition of your digestive system, kidneys, liver, and overall hormonal balance. The therapist will also measure blood pressure and assess the health of your body as a whole.
Go to the gynecologist, taking with him the results of all surveys and the advice of experts. Tell the doctor important details about your health and lifestyle: do you have allergies to medicines, do you observe at the moment any diet and what is its essence, if you're sick of chronic or acute diseases which pills (including vitamins) you take. The more you tell the gynecologist about himself, the better he will be able to pick up birth control pills to avoid side effects.
Discuss with your doctor the way you start taking birth control pills. If the main application is protection, not treatment of gynecological disease, the doctor may offer you one of the following options.
Reception on a certain day of the menstrual cycle. You can choose the first or the fifth day after the onset of menstruation. This method is convenient for you and your doctor. You will be able to accurately track cycle changes that will occur after use of birth control pills.
The second method is called "Sunday". Its essence is that the first pill you should take the first Sunday after visiting the doctor and appointment you contraceptive. In this case you will avoid such unpleasant for most women the phenomenon of menstruation during the weekend.
No matter which beginning you choose, the next pill you need to take 24 hours. The greatest efficiency is achieved only with regular use of contraceptives.
Set your own procedure of admission. Select a convenient time for you. In the first month of use the "reminders" install on your phone a special call, leave myself a note on the mirror in the bedroom, put the bottle of pills under the blanket on the bed or next to a toothbrush in the bathroom. Over time you get used to drink the pill on time and without reminders.
To avoid the side effects (nausea and dizziness), drink a pill before bed. After 2-3 months the discomfort will pass. If they remain, or there were other complaints on health condition, immediately contact your doctor.
Drink pill daily for 21 days. Then make a seven-day break. These days must go through menstruation. Exactly 7 days open a new pack and take the first pill.
Visit the gynecologist after a month of use of birth control pills. He will conduct inspection, appoint the necessary research. The results the doctor decides to leave the drug or to prescribe other birth control pills.