You will need
  • - knife-cutter;
  • - F-connector;
  • - coaxial cable.
After laying TV cable (coaxial) don't forget to leave a small supply of wire, as in the apartments sooner or later, as a rule, there are slight adjustments. Excess cable can be rolled in a compact ring, a small diameter and tie the wire or paper tape.
Grab a sharpened knife cutter neat, and make a shallow longitudinal incision (about 1.5-2 cm). Try not to damage the conductors of the shielding braid.
After that, you need to remove the incised layer of the outer cable insulation. Next, visually separating the split end of the cable into three pieces, free from the shield approximately one third. It is important to avoid tears the foil and thin wire.
Now, in the liberated part of the wire, make another longitudinal incision. After that, it is necessary to release the carrier wire from the insulating layer. Thus, you should be entirely prepared for crimping coaxial cable.
The last thing you need to do is to install f-connector on the cut cable. To do this, take the TV connector and gently hand clockwise to screw it into the coax. Secure the place of articulation of the cable and connector with glue, tape, or paper tape.
Insert the f connector into the socket of the TV and check the quality of the TV signal. If the signal quality is poor, it is necessary to again remove the connector and check that the wires of the shielding conductor do not overlap with the main vein.