You will need
  • Tool kit for crimping cable
To compress twisted pair cable (to connect twisted pair cable with a plug), you'll need:

- a device for Stripping (stripper);

- pliers for crimping (like, ploskogorie);

- standard cable tester;

- wire twisted pair;

- plug standard RJ-45.
How to crimp wire
A device for Stripping incise the outer shell of the cable "twisted pair". Incision should be at a distance of 3 cm from the edge.
How to crimp wire
Incised insulation must be removed. Rasplatita pairs and distribute them according to the colors that are listed on one of the schemas attached drawing.
How to crimp wire
Then align the guides. Tightly squeeze conductors. Using a knife, remove the excess part of the conductors, leaving the unwound about 1 cm.
How to crimp wire
After alignment of the conductors attach the plug to them in the following way: the sections of the conductors should reach the end of the furrows. The cable jacket must bring the locking latch, bring the cord all the way.
How to crimp wire
Again, check the order of laying of conductors by colors. After checking, place the plug into the crimping tool until it stops. Then squeeze both handles of the crimp tool. You need to compress the fork until it locks into place (you will hear a distinctive sound). The most important is the control blade, which is pressed against the knives. Ensure that they are not shifted past the contacts, because this will lead to the complete misalignment of the plug.
How to crimp wire
Unplug the crimped cable and visually look at the quality of the connection: if everything is in order, it is possible to start manufacturing of the patch cord.
How to crimp wire
Patch cord – a cable "twisted pair", which swage wire is made with two sides. For its production need to do the same thing you did earlier, but at the other end of the cable "twisted pair".
How to crimp wire