You will need
  • Crimping tool for connectors RJ-11.
For routing telephone communications inside are various wires. The most common, especially in older homes, received a telephone distribution cable (TRP), or "noodles". Low reliability and noise immunity of the wire kompensiruet its low price, which explains its widespread use. More modern and convenient is the cord phone flat linear (STPL). Each of the four conductors insulated with individually colored plastic, which facilitates the wiring. All the cables sealed in plastic wrap, which eliminates mechanical damage. When you purchase a new wire should be preferred STPL or its analogs.
Regardless of the number of conductors in the cord, for ordinary telephony uses only two. The rest can be used to activate phones in a "Director-Secretary" or a digital PBX. If you wire more than two wires and you do not know what is connected to the PBX, use the multimeter. You can also use traditional method of check signal "on language", however it is unsafe. At the time the call voltage of the telephone line can reach 150 volts, which is enough for serious injury. If the connectors are on both ends of the wires, use color-coded conductors. All phone numbers, unless specified in the operating instructions, are used as working two the center conductor. The rest of the pins in the connector are not used.
To compress a telephone wire, you need to start exactly cut it, and then remove the outer plastic insulation at a distance of fifteen centimeters from the edge. As a result, you have to be the end of the wire sticking colored conductors. Do not remove the plastic insulation from individual conductors. Identify the two wires that are connected to the PBX. Place the conductors in one plane so that the connected wire is in the middle. Get the wires into the connector without disturbing the location. To stop crush wire into the connector. Enter the connector in the crimping tool. Ensure that the wires do not fall out of the connector. Firmly squeeze the handles ticks. Extract the compressed telephone wire and test it.