You will need
  • Computer with Windows, access to the Internet.
If you are owner of stationary computer, and the sound on your device is not working, first check whether you have connected speakers to the system unit whether they are included in the network and are in the on state. In this step, you have not, then it is likely that the sound card driver.
To check the driver status check the status of the sound icon in the system tray on the taskbar. Perhaps the sound does not play because he is off in the operating system or settings sound settings selected the wrong channel. Just right click the sound icon and consistently check all the sound settings.
If the sound did not appear, open the "control Panel", go to "System and security" and then to "System" on the left menu, select "device Manager". From the list that appears, expand "audio Inputs and audio outputs". If the driver is installed on your system correctly, then in the drop-down list you will see the installed audio devices. If you are unable to locate the item, expand the "Other devices". Perhaps one of the unknown devices will be your soundcard.
Install the audio driver. This can be done in several ways. You can use the built-in drivers, but he often can't help. If the system has not been able to install a sound card, you'll need to download and install the driver from the Internet. Type in a search engine query with the name of your PC and the required driver. It is best to download it from the official website of the manufacturer of the computer. After downloading install the driver in a standard way, and then restart the computer. The sound should work.
If after all these steps you are unable to connect the sound on your computer, then most likely your faulty sound card. Fail it may, for various reasons. For assistance, contact the service center or consult with a familiar specialist. You will need independently or with someone's help to replace a sound card for a new one.
Pay attention to all kinds of forums, blogs and websites, or otherwise covering the work and the computer repair your model. Sometimes the sound is not connected because there is a bug in the driver or in the operating system. To solve this problem you will probably help experienced users of the same computer model.