You will need
  • computer;
  • - column.
First of all, to produce sound that should be heard from the speakers, you must connect all the equipment. For example, the sound card to the motherboard (assuming it is discrete), and connecting wires from the speakers to the system unit. In addition to installing external devices also do not forget about the software, i.e. drivers.
Discrete sound card install is quite simple: open the side cover of the system unit, follow the mounting Board and the back cover to its original position. Then connect the connecting cord from the speakers to the Board itself. Guided by the green colour of the plugs and connectors.
Now you need to turn on the computer. Connect it to the mains and press the Power button on the front panel of the system unit. After loading the operating system tray icon will appear with a pop-up message "found new hardware". In few minutes standard the installer will try to find a driver for a new device.
It often happens that you need a driver for my discrete card is not, so it is recommended to use the original disk that came in the kit. You can also try to search for drivers on the Internet (on the official website of the manufacturer). After installing this software, most likely, in the tray notification appears about the necessity to restart the computer.
Check the operation of the acoustic system. Press the power button on the case one of the speakers or subwoofer, set the volume control to the middle position. On the computer you need to run any audio player and play a song. If the sound is heard, the setup is successful. Speakers set your desired volume and balance between left and right speakers.