You will need
  • Computer, speakers.
It is worth noting that before connecting, you must install on PC the audio driver (if they were not installed by you previously). To do this, take the appropriate drive (attached to the kit when you purchased your computer) and install software. After the installation, restart the computer. Now you can go to the sound settings.
Connecting the speakers to the computer. On the back of your PC you will see a sector with round colored holes. Insert the plug into the holes so that the colour of the plugs match the color of the hole. When connecting devices to your desktop computer opens a dialog box where you need to specify the desired settings (see"Front speakers" or "Rear speakers").
Connecting speakers with the subwoofer. In this case, the computer is connected only one plug themselves speakers connect directly to the subwoofer. After you insert the plug into the corresponding color socket, on the desktop, a dialog box will appear. Select the checkbox next to "line out" and save the settings.
Even if you installed the drivers and connected the radio, it's possible that the sound will not be played. In this case, put all the sliders in the sound settings at the maximum position, it is possible that one of them is blocking the audio.