The initial installation of the driver for your sound card automatically during installation of the operating system. Often this is not enough to obtain the most pure and high-quality sound, but because you must install the software from the adapter manufacturer. The model of the map is usually listed in the parts list, which is issued when buying a computer. You can also open the PC case and see the presence of labels of the manufacturer. Usually they are specified on the card itself.
Go to the official website of the manufacturer of the sound card. For this in any search engine enter the name of the manufacturer or model of your device. Download the drivers from the downloads section of the website.
Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installer appearing on the screen. After completion, restart the computer. Connect the speakers.
Open the management utility driver, go to the configuration section. Depending on the manufacturer of your sound card and driver version, the screen will display the available settings. You can adjust the volume level, to adjust the balance between the left right speakers. If you are setting up a serious sound system, specify the connected amplifiers and the number of columns, add the desired effects and, if necessary, use the equalization of the sound.
If the sound is not working, check whether the power sound system is correctly connected. Try to connect other speakers or headphones, the problem may be in your audio system. Check to see if the sounds in the OS itself. To do this, click on the dynamics icon in the system tray.
After setting all parameters, click "Apply". Close the window driver configuration.