Advice 1: How to connect the speakers to the computer

Connecting regular speakers to the computer, usually not particularly difficult. But connecting the speaker system has a number of difficulties and few solutions. For a successful connection is acquainted with the technical capabilities of the sound card.
How to connect the speakers to the computer
Determine how many inputs or jacks has sound card of your computer. Depending on this, you can connect the speakers to the computer. If you decided to connect the column "5 and 1", will involve several nests.
Take the signal cable from the speakers (green).
Connect the cable in connector audio out (green) on the rear panel of the system unit.
Turn on the computer.
Turn your speakers to the network and check the sound. If no sound, go to control panel. Find sounds and audio devices and under audio turn it on.
To adjust the volume.
Check multi-channel support sound card for the computer, if you want to connect the speaker system to the "5 and 1". To connect the speakers to the computer, ideally need 7 connectors: line in, line out, microphone, rear speakers, a subwoofer and two digital audio output. But if your computer is modern enough, you can connect a speaker system in other ways.
Connect the cables to the appropriate connectors (focus on colors) on the module's volume control.
Connect the power, speakers, subwoofer, observing polarity. As a result, all connectors on the module should be involved.
Connect the cables to the ports on the computer to match the colors (green, blue, or black, orange or yellow). This decision will be inconvenient if you will have in the future to connect a microphone to your computer. Then you will have to disable the whole system acoustics.
Connect the cable for the front speakers to the green output. The cable for the rear speakers connect to the blue connector. Cable from the subwoofer to the pink entrance, which sometimes connect the microphone.
Configure the computer by selecting 6 channel mode.

Advice 2: How to connect the speaker system to the computer

So, you want to enjoy all the multimedia capabilities offered your computer. This is the best 6 channel speaker system. Indeed, she will greatly enrich your experience from games and movies. Most modern built-in sound card supports 6-channel audio, but the audio still need to check it out.
How to connect the speaker system to the computer
You will need
  • Computer;
  • - 6-channel speaker system.
What is the 6-channel audio, or 5.1? The number 5.1 means that the audiosystem includes 6 speakers: 2 rear, 2 front and one center and a subwoofer. Need a subwoofer for low frequencies, and the Central column is a so-called "voice channel". There are digital and analog audio system. The first require special digital output – SPDIF. Analog audio is more common, so will be discussed below.
From sound system typically comes with three pairs of colored cables to connect the speakers to the subwoofer and computer. The subwoofer in the module volume is mounted colored connectors designed for connection of speakers. Connect the cables to the corresponding colored connectors, then connect the speakers. After this will only connect the power and a subwoofer. When connecting the subwoofer polarity, otherwise the operation is quite simple and trivial. In the end all the loose connectors on the module subwoofer needs to be busy.
Now connect the ends of the cables to the computer. To do this, insert the cable from the front speakers (green) to the green connector, the cable from the rear speakers (black or blue) to the blue connector and the cable center channel (subwoofer) in the pink connector.
Next install, if you still haven't done a driver for computer's sound card. To do this, insert the CD in the drive, run the installation wizard and follow the on-screen prompts, then restart the computer. Together with the driver delivered, as a rule, a special utility to configure sound. With its help you according to your taste can adjust the sound of your audio system. There are a lot of settings, but must pay attention to select "6 channel mode" to "5.1 channel mode" or similar. It is necessary to include.
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