You are not connected to the Internet. The browser "Google Chrome" could not open if no connection to the network. Check whether you have properly connected, whether the access to the Internet. If there is no connection, correct this defect, try to restart the browser.
Because the browser is very dirty, and history is full. Fix is not difficult. Open your "Google Chrome", clear all history, including cookies. After that, restart computer, try again to open any page in browser. If the program does not open at all, or the system issues messages like: "the work was stopped" program, then download a cleaning tool "CCleaner" that will clean your system from "dead" and "inhibitory" files. After cleaning, the system needs to reboot.
Due to viruses. Often "Google Chrome" does not open at all due to viruses and malware. Download antivirus using a different browser if you have not already, install, update and search the entire computer for viruses. If any found, delete them. Restart the system, try to open "Google Chrome". If your operating system is "Windows 7", then open a browser using the compatibility mode (click on the program shortcut, right-click, select "compatibility...").
Because of the "glitch" program. This happens when the browser is continuously used, the updates are not installed or installed incorrectly. To fix this, if you delete the file called "Preferences" from the system folder. Just in case you can save it in a separate location on the computer. From the root folder (by default, this is: C drive, Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default) will delete the specified file. Then restart the computer. Try to switch browser. "Google Chrome" should not only open, but also to keep all your passwords, bookmarks and even cookies.
Due to several factors combined. Sometimes the browser is affected by several factors and viruses, and congestion, and "glitches". If nothing of the above helps then there is one option: remove the browser and install it again. Go to "control Panel", select "Remove programs". Find the program name: Google Chrome. Remove it. Then clean in the system folder, everything about this browser. Then download the installation file "Google Chrome". Install the browser. Check out his work.