First, make sure that the link is broken only with a specific server. Try to connect to others and to view the web page in the browser. Perhaps the problem in the Internet connection settings of your connection or errors in the provider. Restart the computer and network devices. If necessary, contact the technical support of the company providing you Internet services.

One of the most common causes is using the wrong address. Make sure you enter the correct name of the web page or IP address. They could change or cease to exist.

The reason for the lack of connectivity to the server may be the inability to access it for physical reasons. The computer may be disabled by hardware, to be broken, or the system can present the problem of communication channel connecting the machine to the Internet.

Another reason for the lack of communication may be a security policy. The IP address of your computer may be recorded for one reason or another blacklist servers that prohibit all or some types of connections. On the other hand, there are cases of reasons for the prohibition of connection outgoing from the client. Make sure that the antivirus software or network monitors your PC or server on the corporate network is not blocking the address to which you want to connect.

If the relationship is based on the use of client programs that connect to the server, refer to the developer website and make sure you have the latest version. Otherwise, update the program. If you use non-original, but compatible with a server client program, then try to install other versions of the software or the original version of the product.

Connection error may be associated with a trace route to the server. Use the appropriate command check. Perhaps the connection request to the server simply does not reach the recipient due to problems in intermediate nodes.